complete list of vehicles available in Cyberpunk 2077

To get around the streets of Night City, Cyberpunk 2077 offers a fleet of 54 vehicles , each of which belongs to a certain class: economy, executive, sport, hypercars or heavy duty . As we told you in the dedicated guide, each vehicle can be obtained by purchasing it or unlocking it as a reward after finishing a certain activity. In any case, once you have it, you can dispose of it as you wish and recall it from the garage when you need it. This will not happen with stolen cars and motorcycles.

If you are looking for the suitable vehicle, in this article you can consult the complete list of vehicles available in Cyberpunk 2077 ; we wish you a good reading.

Quadra Type-66 640 TS

The Quadra Type 66 is a decidedly fast car but terribly difficult to manage. Released in 2055, the Quadra has been used multiple times in clandestine racing.

Thorton Colby C240T

Produced in 2045, the car in question is suitable for city streets and highways. This is why it is the favorite car of Nomads and Couriers.

Thorton Colby CX410 Butte

La Butte represents a visitation by Colby. If at first glance the two vehicles may seem identical, you will soon notice that the rear of the Butte has a pick-up rear. This will make transporting goods and tools much easier.

Thorton Colby “Little Mule”

The Little Mule is an improved and more aggressive version of the Butte. A must purchase if you are looking for a vehicle that will make you stand out on the streets of Night City.

Thorton Galena G240 (2031)

Produced in 2031, the Galena G240 has never been a successful car. This is because Thorton has never been an expert in the production of small cars. The agreement with the Indian car manufacturer Mahir Motors did not in fact lead to the expected results.

Thorton Galena “Gecko”

The Galena Gecko is a reinterpretation of the classic Galena suitable for desert surfaces. The car is also equipped with combat weapons and a more powerful engine.

Thorton Galena GA40XT “Rattler”

The fact that the car moves is definitely a miracle. The car in question is in fact assembled with parts obtained from other cars. In other words, only a desperate person would have the courage to drive this vehicle

Thorton Mackinaw Larimore

The car in question adapts perfectly to every situation, proving perfect for short or long distance trips on any type of surface.

Thorton Mackinaw MTL1

Vehicle with characteristics rather similar to the Larimore, but with some more performance compromises. However, if you want to save some eddies, the MTL1 is the car for you.

Thorton Mackinaw “Warhorse”

Improved and more resistant version of the classic Mackinaw

Mizutani Shion MZ2 (2060)

The coupe car par excellence. Its five-cylinder engine allows excellent speed and acceleration performance. All at a more than reasonable price.

Mizutani Shion “Coyote”

The Coyote represents an updated version of the Shion. While the latter is suitable for a city environment, the Coyote was created to navigate the silted roads of the Badlands.

illefort Cortes V5000 Valor (2040)

Probably the best car Villefort ever produced. The car features a simple yet elegant design that has attracted politicians and criminals to its driving. The vehicle is also equipped with an impressive engine and a reinforced body (in collaboration with Militech).

Villefort Cortes V6000 NCPD Overlord

This is the detective version of the Cortes. Upgraded armored armor and chassis make this car virtually indestructible.

Delamain No. 21

A Villefort Cortes controlled by an artificial intelligence. While other AIs on the market are mere “recorded voices,” Delemain has an AI with its own personality.

Villefort Columbus V340-F Freight (2068)

This minivan is the cheapest and most recent vehicle of the entire Villefort dedicated fleet. The Columbus is simple, functional and equipped with a good performance engine.

Archer Hella EC-D I360 (2023)

One of the best cars for quality / price ratio. Despite not exactly top quality materials, the Archer is a flexible and manageable car to drive.

Archer Hella EC-H I860 NCPD Enforcer

This is a Hella model given to the Night City police. Unlike the basic version, this model was built with more resistant materials. In fact, cheap plastic materials have been replaced by bulletproof materials.

Archer Quartz EC-L R275 (2041)

The Quartz was designed and created to diversify Archer’s production and give consumers a viable alternative to Hella. This is an unpretentious middle class car. Thanks to the ability to move easily on desert roads, the Quartz is super popular with nomads.

Archer Quartz “Sidewinder”

Improved version of the classic Quartz, thanks to its more aggressive and captivating appearance.

Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo (1977)

One of the best vehicles in automotive history. Unfortunately, there aren’t many left for Night City. To get it for free, you can consult our dedicated guide .

Villefort Alvarado V4F 570 Delegate (2044)

The innovative and captivating design has caused expensive maintenance costs over the years. Nevertheless, the Alvarado is a good luxury car with which you can get noticed on the streets of Night City.

Makigai Maimai P126

The perfect machine for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money. The Maimai is the cheapest car on the market. In fact, all design decisions were made to reduce production costs to a minimum.

Chevillon Emperor 720 NCPD Ironclad (2073)

One of the armored vehicles made available to the police. It is a racing car that is used only in the hottest and most problematic situations.

Chevillon Thrax 388 Jefferson (2062)

Car designed for middle-class people. The Thrax is elegant, respectable and above all safe. It is covered with a bulletproof body that can withstand machine gun hits and explosions.

Mahir Supron FS3

The only advantage of this vehicle is represented by the spacious trunk. For the rest, the Supron is a low-class car built with rather poor materials.

Herrera Outlaw GTS

This is a sporty and aggressive limousine. This is thanks to a sophisticated and intriguing design and a decidedly powerful engine. For these reasons we are faced with one of the most expensive vehicles on the automotive market.

Rayfield Aerondight “Guinevere”

The cost of Aerondight far exceeds the GDP of many nations. this is due to the ultra-luxurious style and high driving performance. Thanks to the CrystalDome, the vehicle is surrounded by real-time displays so as to reserve the privacy of the driver.

Rayfield Caliburn

A car built solely and exclusively to be fast! A super-performing engine and aerodynamic body make the Caliburn a four-wheeled jet.

Kaukaz Bratsk U4020

While the Soviets do not produce sports cars, luxury or utility cars, their skill in building military trucks is enviable. Kaukoz Bratsk can confirm this thanks to the excellent technical experience of the Soviet manufacturers.

Militech Behemoth

Only available to politicians, government forces and corporations the Militech Behemoth is the safest truck in Night City. This is thanks to the thick armor that allows the car to withstand any type of impact or attack from weapons of all kinds and calibers.

Kaukaz Zeya U420

Thanks to a robust engine and good carrying capacity, the Zeya was created to perform social work of all kinds.

Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X

This is the fastest and most expensive bike on the market. Built in collaboration with the Araska Corporation, the Kusanagi is the favorite vehicle of the Night Cty gangs, Tyger Claws above all.


Mid-class bike but suitable for any situation. Its aggressive roar will certainly not make you go unnoticed on the streets of Night Cit

Brennan Apollo

While not having an elegant design, the Brennan Apollo is the most practical bike for getting around the Badlands. This is thanks to the additional tanks that allow you to travel long distances without worrying about finding a petrol station.


Imagine a solid and stable Thorton Mackinaw. There is no other way to describe the Beast, which is faster and more durable than its base model.

Quadra Type-66 Avenger

Improved and more performing version of the Quadra Type-66

Quadra Type-66 “Cthulhu”

Another version of the Type-66 which represents an alternative to the aforementioned Avenger.

Quadra Type-66 “Javelina”

Another limited edition of the Type-66 designed and optimized for racing in the Badlands desert.

Kaukaz 271 Aras

Vehicle of Soviet production and equipped with artificial intelligence. The Kaukaz 271 Aras is used on the streets of Night City for housekeeping.

Mahir MT28 Coach

The classic bus that the Night City government uses for public transport.

Militech Basilisk

Military combat vehicle that closely resembles old tanks. Despite a tremendous size, the vehicle moves easily over any desert making it a difficult target to hit.

Militech Griffin

Military combat drone.

Militech Manticore

Militech vehicle supplied to the police forces. It is a large tank that can be used to transport entire squads of cops from one side of the map to the other.

Militech Wyvern

Another drone developed by Militech and which it is better not to deal with.

Rayfield Excalibur

High-class luxury limousine. Unlike other luxury vehicles, the Excalibur is literally able to take to the skies to avoid the city traffic of Night City.

Zetatech Atlus

One of the most popular vehicles for medical assistance in Night City. The vehicle is in fact used by both the Trauma Medical Team and the N54 News. Its sirens can be heard in any district or neighborhood, facilitating transport and urgent interventions.

Zetatech Bombus

Originally created as a house drone, the Bombus was implemented by the citizens of Night City for entirely different purposes. For example, couriers use them to transport drug deliveries while gangs in various districts use them to transport bombs and explosives.

Zetatech Canopy

The Canopy is Zetatech’s answer to the vast Aras collection by Kaukaz. The Canopy was designed for the American market, adapting better to local demand. Its design is aimed at the collection of waste and garbage.

Zetatech Octant

The Octant is a good alternative to Araska and Militech drones. Although materials and aesthetics cannot keep up with rivals, the Octant remains a good quality product.

Zetatech Surveyor

Initially designed for military forces only, the Surveyor has now become a flying bus for public transport.

Zetatech Valgus

Produced in the 21st century, the Valgus was Zetatech’s first combat drone. At the time, the company was still a small and unknown company. The Valgus controls the skies and takes out targets without hesitation. Its efficiency has helped make Zetatech a giant in the field of military drones.

Quadra Turbo-R 740

Classic American car that experienced a terrifying success in the twenty-first century. This is thanks to a powerful engine and a clean and aggressive design. Despite the years, the Turbo-R 740 still remains the dream car of many American citizens.

So this is the guide with the list of all the vehicles available in Cyberpunk 2077 . Before concluding we remind you that on Uagna you will find the complete guide to the game by CD Projekt RED .

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