How to use WhatsApp Web on an Android Tablet | How to install WhatsApp on a Tablet without a Chip

Today, communication is everything. As technology has given us the opportunity to have access to the internet, mobile devices and computers ; We don’t really have any kind of excuse when it comes to connecting with others.

It is something that we can easily do in a matter of seconds mainly through the social networks of the moment . If we are on our mobile phone, a few movements of our fingers are enough and we can write an instant message to whoever we want as long as we have their contact information, regardless of whether they are foreigners . Like we said, it really is an easy thing.

How to Use WhatsApp Web on an Android Tablet | How to Install WhatsApp on a Tablet without a Chip

We can do all of this in a large number of ways. It can be a call, a message, a voice memo, a video call and even send a funny picture. But, all this has been condensed into specific programs, instant messaging services.

These services allow you to contact a person as long as you have access to an internet network, and in a matter of minutes you can send and receive all kinds of content , as well as call and even see the other person through your camera. It is truly an extremely complete experience.

WhatsApp is an excellent example of this. This is an application through which you can do everything we have talked about before with great ease. In addition, it is completely free and gives you different functions so that you can interact with your contacts .

It is really a pleasant experience, especially when we have the customization ways that the application has and its high end-to-end security; so you don’t have to fear if any of your data gets leaked.

However, it is usual that people often want to download and use this application designed for mobile phones on their tablets. It is totally possible, but the application will ask you for a phone number . How can you do about it? See what you need to know below.

What you have to be clear about

If you have a Tablet that cannot use a SIM card , you may find yourself in a hurry with WhatsApp . Once you download this application , it will ask you for a phone number in your name through which you can affiliate your WhatsApp .

Many pages or people will assure you that there are ways to go through this process without the need for a phone number, but all these “ways” they talk about are either false or too risky for you to try.

Really, there is no good way to have your WhatsApp active on a Tablet without access to a phone number. But, you always have to think a little more clearly to be able to access the things you want without doing anything illegal.

How can you do?

When you find that you cannot install WhatsApp on your Tablet because you do not have access to a phone number, keep in mind that all you need is access to a SIM card.

If you have one, which is in your name so that no one can use that same number for another WhatsApp account, you can easily take care of having WhatsApp. All you have to do is borrow a mobile phone where you can put your SIM card and download WhatsApp.

Once you have WhatsApp downloaded to your Tablet, you have to borrow that mobile phone with your SIM inside and go through the process of activating the WhatsApp account.

To do this, you just have to open the app and enter the phone number of your SIM card and wait for the message to arrive on the borrowed mobile, enter the code and remove your SIM from the mobile . So you can enjoy WhatsApp on your Tablet whenever you want.


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