Battlefield 2042: All Available Vehicles

These are all the vehicles that you will be able to drive in Battlefield 2042. Cross the battlefield with safety and speed and wreak havoc among the enemy ranks.Battlefield 2042 , as always, offers us the possibility of touring the battlefield with land, sea and air vehicles . So that you do not have problems when meeting them, these are all the vehicles in the game:


  1. All Battlefield 2042 Vehicles
  2. All Battlefield Portal Vehicles

All Battlefield 2042 Vehicles

There are three vehicle categories in Battlefield 2042 : Personal, US, and UK:



  • LATV4 Recon (off-road):available from the start.
  • EBAA Wildcat (Armored Anti-Aircraft) –Available upon reaching Rank 10.
  • AMV (Amphibious Armored) –Available upon reaching Rank 34.
  • LCAA Hovercraft (Speedboat) –Available from the start.
  • MD540 Nightbird (Helicopter) –Available upon reaching Rank 20.
  • M5C BOLTE (Assault Armored) –Available upon reaching Rank 50.


  • M1A5 (tank):available from the beginning.
  • AH-64GX Apache Warchief (Combat Helicopter) –Available out of the box.
  • MV38-Condor (vertical take-off aircraft):available from the start.
  • F-35E Panther (fighter):available from the beginning.


  • T28 (tank):available from the beginning.
  • KA-520 Super Hokum (combat helicopter):available from the beginning.
  • MI-240 Super Hind (combat helicopter):available from the beginning.
  • SU-57 Felon (fighter):available from the beginning.

All Battlefield Portal Vehicles

These are the vehicles available on the Battlefield Portal . Remember that they will all be available from the beginning , without the need to level up.

Battlefield 1942 vehicles

These are all vehicles from Battlefield 1942 . They are all available by default:


  • B-17 bomber.
  • M10 Wolverine (tank).
  • Halftrack M3.
  • Spitfire (hunting).
  • Sherman M4 (tank).
  • Willys MB (off-road).

The axis

  • JU-87 Stuka (fighter).
  • Tiger I (tank).
  • Halftrack SD. KFZ 251.
  • BF 109 (hunting).
  • Panzer IV (tank).
  • Kübelwagen (off-road).

Battlefield Bad Company 2 vehicles

These are all vehicles from Battlefield Bad Company 2 . They are all available by default:


  • UH-60 (transport helicopter).
  • M3A3 Bradley.
  • M1A2 (tank).
  • M1114 (off-road).


  • Buggy VDV.
  • T-90.
  • Uh-60 (transport helicopter).
  • BMP-2 (amphibious battle tank).

Battlefield 3 vehicles

These are all vehicles from Battlefield 3 . They are all available by default:


  • F / A-18 (fighter).
  • AH-6J Little Bird (reconnaissance helicopter).
  • M1A2 (tank).
  • LAV-25 (amphibious battle tank).
  • Growler ITV (off-road).
  • UH-60 (transport helicopter).
  • Ah-64 Apache (combat helicopter).
  • LAV-AD (antiaircraft battle tank).
  • AAV-7A1 Amtrac (armored transport).
  • M1114 (off-road).


  • UH-60 (transport helicopter).
  • Havoc MI-28 (combat helicopter).
  • T-90.
  • BMP-2 (shielded).
  • Buggy VDV.
  • SU-35BM Flanker-E (fighter).
  • Z-11W (reconnaissance helicopter).
  • 9K22 Tunguska-M (armored anti-aircraft).
  • 3937 Vodnkin (armored transport).


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