Where to get mantis blades and mono-string in Cyberpunk 2077

Combat implants in Cyberpunk 2077 are not cheap: Ripperdocks are asking thousands of Eurodollars for them. There are two ways out – either save money, or walk around Night City and get some implants for free.

In the city, you can get at least two combat implants: a mono-string and mantis blades. This is relatively safe: in both cases, you will find yourself in an area where there are opponents, but encounters with them can be avoided.

Where to get the mono-string

We leave for the Kabuki area. You need its southern part, not far from the bridge: in about the same area, the local fixer will ask you to deal with the bandit Blake, who offends honest merchants and seized the shop.

The store that Blake looked after has a kind of garage: it can be identified by a large sliding door. You open it – and in a drawer against the wall you find a free mono-string and some Eurodollars on top.

Where to get mantis blades

Now we go to the business district. Our goal is a side mission located in the heart of the neighborhood. Do not pay attention to its level: if everything is done carefully, then the blades will get to you without any problems.

A container with mantis blades lies next to the area where this quest unfolds. The difficulty is this: you have to deal with cyberpsychology.

One of the Tiger’s Claws from cyberpsychosis went crazy and he began to shoot his colleagues, the fixer asks to figure it out. When you appear in the zone, cyberpsych Norio Akuhara will cut his victims a little to the side; if you act quickly, you will have time to reach the container and pick up the blades.

In principle, you can linger and beat the cyber psycho even with a not too pumped V. Norio’s AI is turned on, he doesn’t really like to go outside the zone, so we just carefully shot him through the bars and from around the corner.

In both containers you will find a few simpler items and some Eurodollars. Good luck.

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