Learn how to stay calm on your wedding day

The date that seemed so far has finally arrived for you! From guests, you become the center and soul of the party. It is important to be careful not to freak out.

After all, you don’t want to ruin a day that was carefully planned so that nothing goes wrong. So it’s time to try to relax and check out the tips below to make it all right!

  • For the bride:

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Crying attacks, stress attacks, the desire to control everything and everyone. These are some of the typical behaviors of women who are about to get married. As nervous as you are, understand that the people around you will also be influenced by your bad mood.

So if you want them to collaborate with you, you need to also collaborate with them and do something to change their attitude:

1- If something goes wrong:

Do not freak out! As much as you plan, it is normal that certain details do not go as expected. But remember that these are details that no one will notice

2- Ask for help:

Nothing to want to take care of everything and everyone. If your family or the groom’s family comes in weight, you are not responsible for accommodating and tidying them up. Ask your friends or your godmother to be available to support everyone.

3- Do not diet:

No going without eating to make the dress easier. Eat every 3 hours and give preference to light foods. If you don’t want to have big meals, choose juices, vitamins and the like. Drink plenty of water (except when the time comes! Imagine the trouble of taking your dress off again….), Eat healthy fruits and cookies.

4- Have the Bride’s Day:

Suitable for brides who want to take a break from everyone and have the day to themselves. Unless you have someone who is in charge of taking care of possible ‘annoyances’, it is not appropriate to have that day. Because, certain decisions can only be made by the bride herself!

5- Extra help:

Invest in calming or floral teas. They are great for controlling anxiety and calming it down. It’s just not worth taking those that will make you sleep all day!

6- Have a good night’s sleep:

It will be difficult to sleep your eyes the night before the big day, but it is essential that you try. After all, no bride likes to wake up with dark circles on her wedding day.

7- Do exercises:

A few weeks before, try to intensify your exercise load. They relax and release soothing hormones. The important thing is to invest in an exercise that you enjoy doing.

8- Don’t worry during the party:

Your obligation as a bride is not to pay attention to the guests. It is to provide food, drink and make a quick reception with quick regards. The night will end faster than you think, so don’t blame yourself! Make the most of it, hit the dance floor and spend the night with your husband.

  • For the groom:

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Well, everyone thinks that only brides have the right to freak out. It turns out that many men are also on edge! The tips recommended to them are:

1- Offer help:

You won’t have to worry too much about your look. Tell your bride that she can count on you and don’t criticize her for looking too stressed. If she gave you some chores for that day, make sure you did them.

2- Do not disappear:

It is common for some newlyweds to leave the place and go to another with friends to enjoy the last moments as ‘single’. It turns out that your fiancee already has a lot to worry about, and you should be there supporting her or the family.

3- Do exercises:

The same tip applies to the bride and groom. Exercising only brings good things and helps to contain anxiety.

4- Care with food:

It is also recommended that you eat light foods. No feijoada or carvery. Keep the basics with rice, beans, french fries and a piece of meat.


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