Top 5 Wedding Programs

Before the weddings that were done were very simple and did not require great planning, but today a wedding can involve a great deal of planning because of how big it can be, the number of guests, the diners, the event, etc. In this post you will know the 5 best programs for weddings.

Planning a wedding, no matter how small it may be, always requires a lot of organization , because it requires decoration, monitoring of the guests, the work of the wedding dress, these software that we are going to give you will be useful for everything that we have just given you. tell.

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  • Wedding programs
    • AllSeated
    • Seating Arrangement
    • Wedding planner
    • OSEM (Open Source Event Manager)
    • RSVPify

Wedding programs


AllSeated is another wedding program, it is free to organize weddings. Among its functionalities are: the mapping of the site where it is going to be held, catering and supplier management, guest list and more. It actually includes all those basic functions that a wedding planning program requires.

AllSeated has thought of everything, if you can’t master the program the way you want and want more information, don’t worry because its creators offer a course in which you will receive a certification if you can master the software competently.

This software has been featured in various publications, including: Bridal Musings, Buzzfeed, and Southern Bride. In addition, this wedding planner is suitable for beginners and even the same bride who does not master the program well. And do you know why? Because its creators have arranged lots of tutorials and classes where you can learn from it.

Among the features that AllSeated has are: 3D mapping, management of the place, guests, catering, suppliers; wedding calendar, floor plan templates and reports.

On the other hand, the program has a number of advantages, among them: an elegant interface, intuitive templates and 24-hour software support. But it also has certain disadvantages , among them: its website sometimes takes a long time to load and its apps on Android and iOS are not very robust.

Download | AllSeated

Seating Arrangement

The Seating Arrangement software may not have an attractive graphical interface, but it is a program that has the necessary features in wedding planning. For example, with the seating arrangement option, you will be able to place the guests in an orderly fashion, help in the search and administration of suppliers; makes a security backup of the planning you carry.

Seating Arrangement is ideal for those who are not worried about how the program looks aesthetically, all they want is to keep it simple and straightforward. In addition, this software is free, although it does not have real online support, it only has a support forum that offers the possibility for you to raise your problem and among users to achieve the solution.

On the other hand, Seating Arrangement has the following characteristics: it presents a floor plan, an account to manage guests, catering, suppliers and a report. It also has a number of advantages, including: automatic backup and provision of lots of tutorials for you to soak up the software. Among the disadvantages it has are: a very simple and unattractive interface and it does not have real-time support.

Download | Seating Arrangement

Wedding planner

Unlike the previous program, Wedding Planner does have a very attractive interface. Among the functionalities that this program presents are: budget planning, guest list management, task list so that there is organization and mapping of the plants.

The downside with Wedding Planner is that it is only compatible with Windows, including mobile devices and tables. In addition, it has limitations with the versions of Windows 8 and Windows 10. This means that Linux and Mac users are excluded from it. The software is excellent for those who want ready-made templates and designs.

Wedding Planner presents a number of features , including: multiple wedding planner, custom lists and preloads of tasks; guest management, budget planner and plant mapping. It also has a series of advantages , these are: attractive user interface, it can be seen both on PC and on mobile devices and tables. Among its disadvantages is the incompatibility with other operating systems.

Download | Wedding planner

OSEM (Open Source Event Manager)

The OSEM program is an open source event management software, it can offer a lot in event organization and wedding planning. Although its functionalities are more oriented to the organization of events, it has many for wedding planning. Some of them are: site management, registration, email management, scheduling, and tracking systems.

Now, if you have a strong knowledge of technology, as it is open source software, you will be able to modify the source code of the program and couple its functionalities according to your needs. In addition, OSEM has a number of features: guest and venue management, tracking and reporting, planning, and email management.

On the other hand, it has a series of advantages , among them: it can be customized through the source code and its reports are complete. Among the disadvantage of this software is that: it does not have enough features for wedding planning.

Download | OSEM


The RSVPify tool , another of the wedding programs, has a number of functionalities for managing events and the necessary features to plan a wedding, but it has some limitations. One of them is that to stay free, the guest list should not exceed one hundred attendees. It is more geared towards smaller weddings.

Among the options that RSVPify  offers for free are: guest management, catering, personalization options and more. In addition, part of its free limitations is in the planning of other events related to the wedding, for example, the bachelorette party or rehearsal dinners. These services are part of the software payment option.

RSVPify   presents a number of features , they are: guest management, catering, email, floor plans, tracking and reports, website customization and iOS app. In addition, among the advantages it presents are: it has a versatile app to carry out good wedding planning on the go, a planner of secondary events related to the wedding. Among the disadvantages is the functionality limitations in its free version.

Download | RSVPify

The first three wedding programs are entirely intended for your planning, that is, their characteristics lean toward wedding planning. However, the last two programs are more like event planners with certain wedding characteristics. Although the latter is a good wedding planner but it has many limitations in its free version


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