Find out how to save money for your wedding

Find out how to save money for your wedding.

Marriage is still a big dream for several couples. But it doesn’t happen as easily as it did in the days of our grandparents. In the past, marriage was the way found to make ties with a certain family and it did not need a lot of money. Nowadays, it is necessary to study, get a job and start planning for the amount of expenses that is getting married.

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So, check out some tips below on how you can already add some money if you want to make your relationship official! (The advantages of an outdoor wedding)

After party…

Before writing these tips, however, I would like to give you a bigger tip. We also need to think about the after party, so to speak. This is because many people still get married and choose that home in their in-laws’ house.

And that fact can mean the end of the marriage. The problem of having nowhere to live after getting married must be solved before even thinking about marriage. Not having their own song, their own freedom or privacy ends up limiting the couple, who are always at the mercy of their in-laws’ decisions, for example.

So, start collecting money not only to throw a wedding party, but to make sure that you will have a space just for the two of you.

Feet on the ground…

There’s no use in a hurry. This is the time to sit down with your partner, look at their reality and plan when you plan to get married. Often, it happens that only one of the partners works, or both work only that the salary is not there, or you are still studying, etc.

You need to put your feet on the ground if you want to manage money intelligently. Set goals for both, for example: finish your studies and look for a better job. Only when you are both in a stable financial position is it worth thinking about marriage if you want to have a nice party.

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Or you can choose to live together while saving the money for the wedding. In addition to being a test of coexistence, life together is more fun.

Avoid unnecessary expenses

Whether living together or already thinking about the wedding party, try to avoid unnecessary expenses. For a party to be good it doesn’t have to be luxurious and have everything gold plated.

Research a lot about items like music, place, decoration, buffet, guest list, honeymoon. Closing contracts well in advance can make everything cheaper.

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Go to wedding fairs, ask friends if they know people in the business. If you live together and want to save for the wedding, plan your expenses. Avoid going out all week to eat out and cook together. Limit yourself to buying only what you need and making good use of everything you already have.

Investment funds

A good option for saving money is to invest in so-called investment funds. There are several options on the market, but experts recommend investing in fixed-income applications.

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Within that, we can quote the:

  • Tesouro Direto: (learn more here:
    • CDB (CDB Investment Guide)

For those who do not understand much about economics, it is worth visiting your bank manager or going to private investment agencies.

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Extra help

There are several books that teach you how to save money and make it pay. This is an efficient option for those who don’t have a lot of time to search the internet or go to the bank to find out about taxes and the like.

  • The book “Smart couples get rich together”, by Gustavo Cerbasi

It is also worth checking if any acquaintance works with renting salons, or that friend who knows how to take photos … But first of all it is necessary to plan. Keep in mind how much money is available to define how much money will be spent.

Remember that the wedding party is meant to be enjoyable for the bride and groom! And what really counts is the reciprocal “yes” and the opportunity, who knows, to live happily ever after.


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