10 signs that he will propose to you

Thousands of women still dream of the day when their partners will propose to him. They spend their days wondering how he will order, what he will say, which ring he will have chosen, etc …

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Want some clues to make sure he’s about to place the order? Below is a list of the most common signs:

1- He wants to live together

From the moment he suggests that you live under the same roof, it is as if he wants to take a test drive beforehand to see if you can do well living 24 hours. It is a way to make sure that you get along and do not need to get divorced after 4 months of marriage.

2- He speaks enthusiastically about other marriages

Suddenly it may seem like everyone is getting married except you. And if at each wedding you attend he seems to be super excited, consider a sign. Men don’t usually rejoice over things that would make them scared or pressured, for example.

3- He starts saving money

Men are more likely to control themselves financially. But when the desire to save money becomes more “exaggerated”, it may mean that he is already thinking about future expenses with the alliance, the wedding, honeymoon, car, apartment, household items and so on.

4- He gives more praise and affection

When men realize that they have the woman they want to marry by their side, they don’t hesitate to show it by giving more affection. He is willing to give massages, seems to be more understanding, does not escape you when PMS appears …

5- He stops going out so much with friends

This may indicate that he is ready to lead a more homely and less trendy life. Not that he abandoned individuality, he just doesn’t care about certain single habits anymore.

6- He is not ashamed to share things with you

This includes family, professional problems, frustrations, dreams, objectives and goals. He thinks you are the ideal person to listen to and advise you.

7- He starts to act like someone who hides a secret

Men can be a little bad at keeping secrets or planning things hidden. If he looks agitated when you move through drawers, papers, his computer or cell phone, it may appear that he is hiding certain things.

8- He makes more plans for the future

Suddenly he starts planning trips, trips, and can even talk about having children. Don’t create expectations or ask too many questions. Let him say it naturally and without pressure.

9- It includes you in family programs

Only when the relationship is more than serious does he take you to meet his family. When this happens, he shows maturity in assuming you as a partner and waits for the family’s approval to take a step forward (marriage).

10- He wants to learn things from home

If it does, thank them. Not all men are willing to become a real man and leave sexism behind. If he shows interest in learning how to cook, take care of the house, do market shopping and so on, it is because he wants to share future tasks for when you live together.

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Of course, these signs do not give 100% certainty of a future marriage proposal. But they can indicate that the guy decided to spend the rest of his life with you. Remember not to pressure him to marry, because no marriage is sure that it will last forever. If at the end of the day he doesn’t ask you to marry him, don’t be frustrated.

Review if this is still part of your plans and discuss the direction of the relationship with him. If he turns out to be contrary to life as a couple, think that your relationship may need second thoughts. After all, to work it is necessary that both want to walk in the same direction.

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