What is the right amount of sweets for the wedding?

The table of sweets at a wedding party is something that draws a lot of attention, especially for those who cannot go without sweetening life and mouth. For a good result you need to be aware of two factors:

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Variety and quantity

After all, what variety of sweets do you intend to offer to the guests, have you thought about that? Well, after choosing, let’s go to the amount of sweets that a person consumes at a wedding party.

An average of six to eight sweets is estimated per guest, but there are always those who eat the most.

Don’t make too much variety of candy

There are not a certain number of types of candy to offer, but you need not worry, as they almost always taste the same.

When making or ordering sweets, do the following: order half of the chocolate sweets and the rest divide into drier flavors like nuts, citrus fruits and pistachios. Well married is also a great option, with an average of two per guest.

Table decoration

Use trays and baskets of the most varied sizes and shapes, along with flower arrangements and other decorative objects.

Price list

According to specialist Maristela Scorsin a party with 200 guests (each eating, on average, seven sweets):

-> 500 simple sweets (R $ 70 percent): R $ 350.00
Coconut rosinha, brigadeiro explosion, two loves, quindim, pineapple pear, cashew hedgehog, mother in law

-> 500 decorated sweets (R $ 100 cent): R $ 500,00
cameo, brown bonbon, grape bonbon, strawberry and liqueur, lemon tart, cream and ganache, nut hedgehog, chestnut and coconut.

-> 400 special sweets (R $ 150 cent): R $ 600.00
Milk chocolate cones stuffed with amarula, passion fruit and pistachio truffles

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