10 Ways to Save on Marriage

10 Ways to Save on Marriage


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Marriage is a complicated matter, especially when the bride and groom do not give up a party and at the same time do not have enough money to pay for it. Let there be creativity for the wedding not to go unnoticed without spending a lot of money.

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At those times you have to resort to intelligence and prioritize many factors. Let’s list here, ten ways to save without letting the wedding lose its glamor.

The first is the bride’s dress

How to save on an item that may be the most important for that date? Calm down, you can save money. You can choose the model of your dream and not abuse too expensive fabrics. A good seamstress will do the job. Another option is to rent a beautiful dress: it always comes out cheaper.

Invitation Cards

After the concern with the bride and groom’s clothes has passed, the next step to be taken is in relation to invitations. The guest list should already be ready, now you just have to choose your invitation. Opt for very objective invitations and without many details. Today we can get rid of the envelopes and make handmade invitations, which contributes a lot to the economy.


A detail that makes a good difference when it comes to saving on the budget is the day and time when the wedding will take place. Renting appropriate venues for events is always more expensive on Saturdays. Book your wedding for a Friday afternoon or evening and you’ll end up saving on rent.

Place to be held the wedding

Look for beautiful and romantic places: there are many. The most expensive clubs and salons will not always offer the best results. Speculate, look for and find a nice and cozy place to hold the party. Depending on the number of people present, a farm is an excellent option.


Invest in natural arrangements, with lots of green and colorful flowers. The result is always wonderful. Not every exotic and expensive flower is the most beautiful. With simple flowers you can obtain wonderful arrangements.

Buffet and cake 

Another detail to look for: the menu. You can often get a very tasty lunch or dinner without much sophistication. Just knowing how to choose the dishes, paying attention to the time that will be served and not wasting anything.

As for the cake, it cannot be missed at a wedding party. Today, however, we can resort to exhibition cake rentals, which, although large and extravagant, are not so expensive. To serve the guests you can have a simpler cake, but tasty and beautiful.

Number of guests

Never exceed what you can offer. Even though your list of friendships is extensive, try to invite only the people who are part of your daily life, who you know will really feel and share your happiness. Do not aim at quantity, but quality.

Drinks to be served 

To start saving, know the right amount that you should buy to not miss or spare. Since you know the number of guests, it is not difficult to calculate. Not very expensive champagnes associated with natural fruit juices result in cocktails of various colors and flavors, which leave a very beautiful look on the tables, served in crystal bowls.


In the world of digitalization in which we find ourselves today, it is difficult for people who do not have a good camera and do not know how to make good use of it. Not to mention the photoshop that we also have and we can make use of them without any expense.

All of this can be very cheap and a wedding album, even because you can abuse the number of photos to be taken and then, calmly, make a choice of the ones you want to reveal to mount the same. As for the cover, you can find it at stores in the branch.


There can be no party without music and a band is always expensive. See in your circle of friends- there is always one who sings well and likes to sing.

If you are not so lucky, use the ipod with a nice selection of songs for the occasion. Sound quality devices are not lacking for rent. If you know a DJ, invite them and ask about the price.

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