Are you starting to set up your house? Buy only what you need!

Assembling and furnishing the corner itself is a delight. It gives a feeling of freedom, and we feel like “now I’m going to do it my way!”. But, sometimes in the excitement of buying everything at once, many people end up spending more than they should on items that won’t make much difference.

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As there are many variables about the situation you are in – newly married; live alone; live together before getting married

Below is a list of the basic items you need to have in your new home:

For the kitchen:

As you are starting from the beginning, you will need:

  • Stove
    • Refrigerator
    • Microwave
    • Table and some stools
    • Cupboards for storing food and pots
    • Plastic Tupperwares
    • Set of pans
    • Set of plates / cups / cutlery (it is said that it is necessary to have at least 2 sets of each)

The list is relatively small, containing only what is necessary for cooking, storing food and eating. The stove, refrigerator and microwave are the most expensive items, but it is essential to buy them.

For the room:

If your new home has a living room, you may or may not be able to afford things like:

  • Bookcase for TV, DVD and other appliances
    • Sofa bed (if there is no guest room)
    • Pillows

I did not include TV on that list, because for many it is not a mandatory item. However, if you have how to buy one, nothing stops! Other items like additional armchairs, carpet, plant pot, coffee table and lamps you can buy over time, since you can live without them.

For the bathroom:

Well, for this room, you need to buy:

  • Bath and face towels (the recommended amount is at least 2 sets of each)
    • A small rug
    • Cabinet and mirror (if your bathroom only has a sink)
    • Utensils to accommodate soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes

The bathroom items are the cheapest, if we go to see. The rug and utensils can be found at a very nice price, you just have to pan for your city.

To the room:

If you have the money and decided that you are not going to sleep on the sofa bed in the living room, you need to buy:

  • Double bed
    • Mattress
    • 4 pillows (you need to have some extras if you receive a visit)
    • 2 sets of sheets
    • 2 duvets

This is the basics of the basics. Items such as bed covers, mattress protectors and pillows to decorate the bed can also be purchased over time. It is recommended, however, that you have extra items for when your parents or friends visit you.

For the dining room:

If there is space in your home, you can furnish the dining room with:

  • A table with at least 6 seats (but this item does not have to be a priority)
    • Sideboard

Many will eat in the kitchen, eliminating the existence of a dining room. But then you need to find a table that is functional and that can accommodate more people when needed.

For the toilet:

Whether you like it or not, it’s time to wash your clothes!

  • Washing machine
    • Six pack (but many houses already come with one)
    • Ironing board
    • Iron
    • Cabinet to store cleaning products

The washing machine is the most expensive on the list, but sometimes it is cheaper to buy it at once instead of sending your clothes to a laundry.

Other items:

You will also need to have:

  • Dishcloths
    • Towels
    • Floorcloths
    • Brooms
    • Squeegees
    • Buckets
    • Curtain
    • Chandelier (not the crystal ones, huh?)

Yeah, you can see that even buying the basics, the account will be a little expensive. So before you move permanently, save a lot of money so you can buy everything, or almost everything. The tip is to research a lot and look for the cheapest options. After all, you’re just getting started, there need be no luxury!

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