The advantages of an outdoor wedding

In addition to being very romantic and containing an air of calm and simplicity, the outdoor wedding dispenses with certain bureaucracies and concerns that the act itself already contains.

Because it becomes more romantic

Due to the fact that it is outdoors, only the feeling of freedom already makes it a less protracted and tiring event. Certainly the chosen place will always be with a beautiful landscape around it or, at least, a cozy place.

Less formalities, same guests

Generally, couples who opt for an outdoor wedding are more modern people, less traditionalists and thus also end up selecting the maximum number of guests.

They are only interested in the event itself, without many formalities and without much speech, which makes weddings, for a large number of people, a tiring event when held in churches.

As for the decoration

This will be as light as possible. Certainly the flowers will be one of the cheapest, because outdoor wedding does not suggest ostentations like the ones we see in churches and cathedrals, where the arrangements stand out more than the bride often. Some people sin in excess in decoration, both religious and reception, in some cases. There are more decorations than dishes to be served.

What kind of flowers to use

Certainly the most simple and delicate flowers. Field flowers are the best choice for this type of event. Use and abuse the colors of them and mix them with green foliage that will be sensational. As everything will be outdoors, the highlight of these will compose a wonderful harmony together with the natural light, something that will greatly favor the result of the photos.

Delimited space for the ceremony

The improvised altar, as well as the chairs placed for the guests, will have to be very well designed and organized the day before, so that in the day everything is prepared, just missing the details of the decoration and the rug to be extended. As you can see, everything is very easy and without much expense.

Controlling guests

When proposing to hold an outdoor ceremony, care must be taken that it is in a reserved area, where nothing is exposed to the eyes and presence of strangers, which would make the party very unpleasant and inopportune. Even in happy moments, privacy matters a lot to the people present.

Costume to be worn on occasion

Just as the bride and groom should not boast much luxury, like royalty, so do the guests. Elegance yes, but never exaggeration. Accompanying the look of the bride and groom, which should be compatible with the environment, that is, exquisite clothes, but without much shine and pomp, the guests should also take care with what to wear.

Floral clothes, with a certain lightness or even the chic sport can be used without the worry of sin in the visual. Outdoor ceremonies dispense with many formalities even when dressing.

Ritual and party in the same space

The economy factor also comes in here, without the worry of renting a party room or clubs for the reception. Note that hiring a buffet is always feasible, even if the party follows the style of the ceremony and is outdoors. Setting up tents so as not to expose guests too much to the open air is a great option too. Not to mention that the look will be rocking.

Advantages you get in photos

It is not even necessary to list the advantages that will result in the photo album, since they will enjoy natural light, which keeps the original colors. There is no concern with shadows and spaces to respect, not even with obstacles.

With regard to photos, outdoor weddings are the ones that most provide unbeatable and wonderful images, especially when it is done in the late afternoon and early evening, that is, at dusk.


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