Learn About the Meaning and Wisdom of Praying

Prayer worship is certainly our duty as a Muslim (Muslim). In Islam, prayer is also known as the pillar of religion.

So, whoever is diligent in guarding his prayers, of course, keep the pole standing firmly. Conversely, if the person cannot keep his prayer, then that person is tantamount to breaking down his religion.

Performing the prayer of prayer for the believer must always be in accordance with the appointed time and perform it in a holy and clean place.

Well , this time we will learn about the meaning of the prayer worship, along with the wisdom behind the prayer ordered by Allah Almighty. to all of us.

A . Meaning of Prayer Worship

Praying is a very important worship, so that in the pillars of Islam this prayer occupies number two after the creed.

In language, prayer is defined as prayer. Meanwhile, according to the term prayer is a Shariah-prescribed speech and movement, which begins with the reading of the takbir ( Allaahu Akbar ) and ends with the greeting ( Assalaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh (u) )

In addition, prayer is a form of devotion to God Almighty. Moreover, when we perform our prayer worship we also pray, beg for forgiveness and be grateful to Allah Almighty.

The worship of prayer is also one of the later worships that will be considered first. If a person is diligent, diligent, and good and good in performing and maintaining his prayer worship. So other deeds of charity are certainly considered good deeds and good deeds.

B. Wisdom from Prayer Worship

The wisdom of prayer worship, will be given to those who perform their prayer worship with sincerity, khusyu, and in accordance with the rules and conditions of the prayer . The wisdom of this prayer worship is of great benefit to ourselves or to those around us.

As for the wisdom of performing the prayer worship is:

  1. To always remember Allah Almighty.
  2. Draw closer to Allah Almighty.
  3. Train ourselves so that time discipline
  4. Train to live orderly and orderly
  5. Make life peaceful
  6. Keep your heart calm and calm
  7. Be humble
  8. Building associations, associations, and fraternities
  9. Stay away from sinful and shameful acts
  10. Life is peaceful and peaceful

Hopefully the short study above can provide encouragement for us and those around us all to always be diligent and diligent in carrying out daily prayers. Also to avoid the torments of hellfire in the hereafter.


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