Learning to Know and Understand the Required Nature of God

Trust and Believe in God There is

When vacationing in the village, in the afternoon Budi was invited by Zaid to walk from his grandmother’s house to the rice field area which was not far from his grandmother’s house. Zaid also invited Budi to cross the riverbank where the water was so clear.

Zaid invited Budi to stop over and sit briefly in a small hut that is usually used by farmers to rest. While resting, Budi and Zaid enjoyed the wide and beautiful views of the rice fields. Coupled with the spotlight of the sun that almost set.

They saw many birds flying, blowing in the breeze and making the paddy move like a wave. See beautiful natural scenery, and eye-catching. Their faith is growing.

Budi and Zaid also talked to each other that the incident that they saw certainly did not just happen, but someone had set it up namely God. From here they believe and believe that God exists.

Sifat – Sifat Wajib Allah

The existence of this God becomes one of the attributes inherent in the obligatory nature of God. These mandatory attributes of Allah are special qualities that are only possessed by Allah, and no creature has these attributes.

It is this obligatory nature of Allah that distinguishes God as the Creator (Khalik), from all His creatures. The obligatory qualities of Allah are numerous, namely 20. However, on this occasion, we will only learn about the five attributes required:

First, Existence (exists)

This form means that it exists, meaning that God exists by Himself, without the creator or creator. The existence of God here is evidenced by the existence of this universe as well as the creatures or creations in it.

As explained in the short story above, starting from the order of the solar system that is so beautiful, then living beings scattered on this earth, both living on land, sea and air, and so forth.

All of that exists, because there is someone who created it and who arranged it. It is impossible if the universe and its many and complicated complex arrangements exist by themselves, and do not collide with each other.

Second, Qidam ( First or foremost )

This qidam means the earliest or the earliest of everything that exists. This illustrates that before the universe and its contents were created, God was in advance of everything that He created.

If in natural science we know the term metamorphosis which has the meaning of changing shape or shape change then something more interesting. It’s like an egg turning into a chicken. Therefore, in the obligatory nature of God it is impossible. Because He is the first of all His creations

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Third, Baqa ‘(Eternal or Eternal)

Baqa ‘ means eternal, eternal, and never dies or is destroyed. But God is continuous without time constraints. It is certainly different from the creatures of His creation that will surely die or be broken and limited by time.

The order of living things in the order of the universe which is full of order will inevitably experience some damage or destruction. The towering mountains, the deep sea, everything will be damaged, especially in the End Times everything will be destroyed, destroyed and damaged.

Fourth, Mukhalafatul lil hawaditsi (Different from everything or new creatures)

Mukhalafatul lil hawaditsi means that Allah is different from all His creations or creatures, which can be renewed. This obligatory attribute of Allah does not differ greatly from the other obligatory attributes of Allah.

If humans are able to create something new continuously (hadiits) in all fields, then God is not, because this is certainly not possible at all. If there is something new it will definitely be different from something that was before (old). From this there is no term that God is new.

Fifth, Qiyamuhu binafsihi (Standing on his own)

Qiyamuhu binafsihi means that God has power over Himself, without needing any help and from anyone. The existence of God already exists without anyone creating and making.

Allah is the Most Willing, because of that the existence of Allah does not depend on the help of anything, and anyone. This is different from His creatures, which require dependency on each other.

Like humans, who need mutual assistance between fellow humans. Starting from maintaining its survival by consuming nutritious food and healthy drinks, coupled with the need for oxygen or fresh air to breathe.

Don’t Forget Other Obligatory Attributes of Allah

Of the 20 mandatory attributes of God that exist, the five obligatory attributes of God above must be our faith and belief. God exists, and of course we have to learn and understand it little by little. At a minimum by memorizing and learning to understand it we can become Muslims who have a strong conviction.

Because there are only five mandatory qualities, of course there are still 15 obligatory attributes of God that have not been explained here. Try to keep looking and study them with other friends. Hopefully with the brief explanation above, we can all make learning harder and more diligently


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