Purification In Islamic Point of View

purification in islam is to cleanse yourself from all dirt or hadats and unclean. Both those in the body, clothing, or place of residence and place of prayer we must be clean and pure from unclean.

Purifying can be done by bathing and drinking.

With a shower, a dirty body will become clean again and stay in good health.
With the istinja ‘, can clean the dirt on our bodies after urinating or defecating.

The main tool for purification is to use clean and holy water, if not available, can use tissue or wood or dry rocks.

Procedure for Purification (Thaharah)

We need to know that, human or animal feces, and animal carcasses are something that is unclean. Our bodies, our clothes and our dwellings, if unclean, will also become unclean, and must be cleaned and purified.

How to clean and purify ??

  1. By watering it with clean and holy water.
  2. Bathing, starting with reading basmalah, continued by washing all members of the body with water and washing them clean. Starting from head to toe. And after finishing, dry it with a dry towel.
  3. Istinja ‘, after defecating or urinating cleaned with water, or tissue, or dry stone.

Clean Body, Clothing and Place

Clean the Body

Clean the body is to maintain the cleanliness and health of the limbs.

How to maintain cleanliness of the body are:

First, Bathing twice a day
Second, Maintaining cleanliness of both hands
Third, Brushing teeth properly
Fourth, Cutting long nails

Clean clothes

We also need to maintain the cleanliness of clothes. The trick is to wash clothes that are dirty and keep our clothes neat.

Clean Home Appliances

We must also keep the plates, cups, spoons or forks clean, by washing them thoroughly after we use them for food or drink.

Similarly, our learning equipment at home. Such as cabinets, study tables, and books we must keep in order to stay clean

Clean Place

First, Clean place to stay. Maintain the cleanliness of our homes to stay clean. By sweeping the house and yard every day it must be kept clean.

Second, Clean the place of prayer. The mosque as a place of prayer must also be kept clean.

Third, Clean the bed. Do not forget to clean and make up our beds

Fourth, the net of learning. As a place to study together, of course we all must keep our classrooms clean and keep our chairs, tables, bookshelves or blackboards neatly arranged.

Hopefully with the above learning, we can all maintain the cleanliness and purity of each of us. And can increase our knowledge and can practice a small part of the teachings of Islam about cleanliness

النَّظَافَةُ مِنَ الْإيْمَانِ

“Hygiene is part of faith”

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