The benefits of baby massage

The benefits of massages are recognized. From birth, you can massage your baby to communicate with him, secure him, soothe him and develop his motor skills.


  1. Massage, a way to bond with baby
  2. Massage promotes the well-being of babies and their parents
  3. Other benefits of baby massage
  4. Baby massages: tips to guide you

The massage of a baby  is possible  from the first weeks after birth. Ideal for  bonding and communicating with baby, this tender moment also promotes the  well-being of the child and the parents . So get started.

Massage, a way to bond with baby

From his first months, the baby needs to be contained and touched by his parents. It is therefore through these tender gestures that you will create the first links  with him.

Indeed, touch  is the main  means of communication  for the baby. This is why massage can be considered  a real body language .

Thanks to massages, you will be able to communicate with your child , to make him  pass emotions . In return, baby will react: looks, smiles and relaxation will be there.

Massage promotes the well-being of babies and their parents

Massage is not just a way to bond with baby. It also promotes relaxation and brings real well-being by loosening the muscles .

This is not all, massage can also  relax and comfort parents who are  often distraught, impressed by their newborn baby. Massaging babies, bringing them well-being and making the first connections with them can reassure parents and help them gain self-confidence . Do not always look for complicated answers: sometimes a baby cries simply because he  needs caresses and contact  with his parents.

Other benefits of baby massage

Massage could also:

  • alleviate some pain(such as teething )
  • promote intestinal transitand relieve subjects babies to  the constipation , gas or colic .
  • contributes to the construction of the body diagram and to the development of your babybecause it prepares his body still “rolled up” in fetal position to the sitting position then to the standing position.

Baby massages: tips to guide you

To perform the massage, you need to choose a time of day when you and your baby are relaxed (for example, right after bathing).  Sit quietly (preferably alone with him) in a well-heated room (26 ° C). The  position  adopted should be comfortable for the baby and for you.

Undress your child more or less depending on the massage you are undertaking and take care  above all that it does not get cold . Proceed slowly and massage for a few minutes, only part of the body if you feel that baby is reluctant.

The massage must generate mutual pleasure . Be natural, sing, talk to your child, tickle or kiss him if you feel like it. Do not try to execute mechanical gestures but let yourself be guided by your hands and your child’s reactions. For more information, read our articles: ” good gestures for baby massage “.

Day by day, he will get used to and appreciate the well-being you give him. Gradually, you will succeed in performing a complete massage in  around thirty minutes .

Around 9-12 months, do not worry if baby shows impatience  : he especially wants to move and explore the world around him. But you will see that in moments of fatigue, tension, he will always appreciate a little massage of the head, feet or back … And you too.

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