In today’s digital era, people will prefer to buy products through online or social media. Apart from being cheaper prices, buying goods online also greatly saves our time as a customer. We don’t need to leave the house to go to the store and buy the desired item. All product selection, specifications, offers and payments can be made all online.


This factor drives business people and entrepreneurs to sell their products online. However, business people also need to test or check the business strategies they use on social media, especially if they want to implement a new business strategy . The goal is that they know whether the new business strategy will work effectively or not.


In this article, we will divulge 5 surefire ways to test new business strategies on our social media , without having a negative effect on our product or service brand. Let’s just look at the explanation below.


1. Paying attention to the Business Strategy Implemented by Competitors. 

The first surefire way we can do is look at the movements of the competitors. Before paying attention to the business strategies of competitors, make sure that we have listed competitors from our products. The goal is that none of our competitors will be missed from our evaluation.


After having a competitor table, just start our action by visiting their social media accounts. For example, web products, Instagram accounts, Facebook and other social media. From these social media accounts we can judge how the words they use to interact with customers, what topics they raise, and what concept pictures they use.


Do the contents that they put on social media only invite ‘likes’ from customers? What about comments from social media users (netizens)? Are there more positive comments than negative comments? and so forth.


After doing this first method, we will have a general assessment of the business strategies that competitors are using. Oh, yes! We can also ask for help from our close friends (who are not related to our business) so they can compare competitors’ websites with ours, and give an objective assessment.


2. Analyzing Existing Customer Data. 

Because we will create a new business strategy, we can use data from customers or consumers who have already purchased our products. We can divide customer data into two groups namely, group A and group B.


From the two groups, we can identify what customers like in group A, and group B can be filled with what customers don’t like about our products. In addition, we can also create demographics for customers who are already interested in our products. Approximately customers who are interested in our products range from how old to what age and we can also categorize them into gender, as well as residence.


3. Avoid Making Personal Problems on Social Media. 

Testing new business strategies on social media must be very careful. Do not let us as businesspeople instead enter or mix personal problems in social media. If we do that, it will be very dangerous for the image of our products in the eyes of customers.


For example, when we try to respond to comments from customers who complain or look down on our products because they feel upset, avoid negative words that can destroy our product brand. We must always remember that the customer is the King and our business is present because of the demand that comes from the customer. If there are no customers, our business will never exist. So, try to remain professional, yes.


4. Don’t Be Afraid to Continue to Innovate. 

One characteristic of business strategies on social media is experimenting. So, don’t be afraid to continue to innovate in the business strategies that we apply. However, keep in mind that we must apply experiments that remain polite and do not offend any party. One example we can use is the application of hashtags or hashtags when we promote products on Twitter. We can use unique hashtags, so we can see the effect of the hashtag that we made. Are our social media followers interested in the hashtag or not? Use words that are unique but polite and don’t offend any group in our hashtags. That way, our new business strategy can run smoothly without damaging our product brand.


5. Make a Survey to Understand Customers Deeper. 

The fifth effective way to test a new social media business strategy is to make a survey. Through this method, we can understand customers more deeply. In this survey, we need to include a number of different factors that can be measured. The goal is that we know where the customer lies in our product. Are they very far from our products, or have they begun to approach (like our products)? Through surveys, we can also find out what things customers like about our products, and what they hate.


by Abdullah Sam
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