What should you know before choosing your coach?

From maintaining a healthy relationship to seeking professional promotion, it is possible to rely on the coaching process to better understand your goals, desires and internal challenges. No wonder, this is all best formulated when you know how to choose a coach .

All because there is the right type of professional for your goals. This specialist has to understand not only what you are looking for, but your profile.

With that, he learns to deal, in a personalized way, with everything he retains and prevents you from going after your big dreams!

And it was this central point that motivated us to produce this article. In the next topics, we will answer one of the main questions of those who begin to see, in coaching, a new direction: how to choose a coach?

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What is coaching?

It is normal that, at some point in life, we feel some dissatisfaction. And it can come scandalously or quietly, stealing our motivation continuously. That is why, by learning how to choose a coach , you learn to quickly turn that discomfort into fuel for your achievements.

After all, the coaching process acts directly on your needs, frustrations and goals.

And, based on this analysis, it is possible to identify the best way for you to find, internally, the solutions to achieve each of your goals – be they personal or professional.

All because coaching has been shown to be a qualitative work in the search for more self-knowledge . Before knowing how to choose a coach, let’s go to your origin so that there is no doubt about it.

In 1850, the term gained strength to attribute to teachers who also acted as tutors – one who helps, individually, in studies or in preparing specific exams.

It was, however, only a hundred years after the term took shape, volume and context: professional assistance for people to reach their expectations.

Personal development, therefore, as a tool capable of continually adding to the individual’s skills, abilities and knowledge.

No wonder, when understanding how to choose your coach, it is possible to:

  • identify new goals;
  • evaluate the best ways to achieve goals;
  • more self-knowledge to understand your own decision making in different situations.

Did you understand the great importance of knowing how to choose a coach? Without the value given to this step, you may not find the best professional to guide your ambitions and desires with quality.

How to choose a coach?

Now that you know how the term has developed in the market, and the supporting role of the coach in your growth (personal and / or professional), let’s see how you should proceed to find the best professional?

Below, we highlight the main topics to guide your choice. Look at that!

Know the professional’s history


Access your website, social networks and, if possible, contact people who have already worked with this professional. When you have contact with testimonials, you get more information about choosing a coach aligned to your ideals.

As a result, your decision becomes much more assertive – as will be observed throughout the development process.

Find good references

To complement the above topic, it is worthwhile to identify, among family and friends, indications of which you have wide confidence.

So, regardless of the references you found on the internet, for example, the experiences lived by people you know can be even more decisive for you to associate them with your expectations, goals and needs.

Evaluate the best profile for you

Are your goals personal or professional? Do you face difficulties in specific areas? Believe me, it all makes a difference in the process of choosing a coach.

After all, the professional has to know deeply the area of ​​exclusive knowledge for its growth. It is important that you find specialists, not generic professionals, who are not really going to contribute to the problem you are facing.

Get to know the coach’s work process

Research, beforehand, which tools, techniques and technologies the professional uses to assist you in your search. Through balanced work and entirely focused on your needs, it is easy to understand who will be the best coach.

It is also worth keeping an eye on the monitoring model that the professional does. After all, it is common for many coachees (those looking for a coach) to feel helpless after a few sessions.

And this is due to the absence of a coach who truly understands the problem he is facing and who also really cares about his clients.

So, knowing how to choose a coach, you can make sure that he will be around, always, following the step by step designed so that you can achieve the projected results together.

Evaluate other coach cases

In addition to the baggage and experience, as we have already mentioned, it is worth noting some cases that the professional selected – usually published on their websites or social networks.

These cases help to reveal more of the coaching process, such as the goal of the coachee, the stipulated goals and the mapping of actions.

This, consequently, allows you to have a closer contact regarding the professional’s work methodology.

Not to mention that it is an excellent opportunity to become familiar with the profile, method and also the way that the coach relates to his coachees.


No wonder, this is one of the main steps in our recommendations on how to choose a coach focused, truly, on what you aim for!

How to start looking for an excellent coach?

Now that you know the whole procedure

and how to choose a coach, how about putting these tips into practice?

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