How to get started: the 8 rules of Personal Marketing

Knowing how to promote yourself is basically an art: it requires discipline, care and a lot of dedication and practice so that your goal is exquisite.  The difference is that, here, your masterpiece is yourself. And that’s what personal marketing is all about .

Popularly, the idea of ​​personal marketing is associated with the concept of “knowing how to sell your fish”. And it influences, directly and indirectly, the way in which you relate to people in your private life and also in your daily work.

No wonder, it is essential to know how to apply your techniques and ideas so that, over time, your goals are easily achieved.

Let’s see, then, what are the main rules of personal marketing? In this post, we gathered 8 of them for you to absorb and get inspired to apply to your life. Check out!


The importance of personal marketing


Nowadays, academic qualifications do not stand alone in the search for a good professional opportunity. The same can be said of building healthy relationships : vast knowledge about certain subjects does not guarantee the continuity of a healthy relationship.

In turn, it is increasingly proven that personal marketing can contribute to the strengthening of these issues, enriching everything you do for your personal and professional improvement.

And do you know why? Just think that the world, in its constant and more dynamic transformations, is more demanding. People who learn to deal with these changes quickly, are more likely to reach a better position and to relate more efficiently as well.

But, for that, it is important to understand how you can practice this, continuously, in order to make these habits more and more inserted in your routine.

The 8 fundamental rules of personal marketing

Below, we will understand what are the main ways for you to improve your personal marketing and achieve the projected goals more easily!

Know your structural pillars

When we talk like this, we are referring to his life mission, his vision and the values ​​that guide his decisions and attitudes.

Hence, the importance of having the necessary self-knowledge to know how you act and react to everyday situations. For example: knowing what excites you professionally, guides you more easily to the career options with which you most identify.

Consequently, your personal marketing is worked within that scope, specifically, taking you away from everything that has no relation (direct or indirect) to your goals.

Use the SWOT matrix

SWOT is the acronym, in English, for the terms:

  • strenght (strength);
  • weakness;
  • opportunities;

With this, you accurately map everything that may be on your way to achieving your dreams. Something elementary, even, to learn more about yourself: your weaknesses and qualities.

By seeking the help of a coach, for example, you can identify these points and learn to deal with them without becoming obstacles in your life.

Learn how to relate better

Do you want to be a reference in your industry? So, start interacting with like-minded people to strengthen your name and promote networking.

In this way, you begin to enter a field of which you are more familiar and interested, and constantly update yourself on everything that people have done to promote themselves with good personal marketing actions.

Get involved in more projects

In addition to the previous topic, knowing what motivates you, it is time to seek to know more about it. If you intend to do philanthropic work in specific sectors, why not visit these places, attend industry events and enrich your networking?

Remember that when you are in a comfort zone that you are familiar with and familiar with the subject, your involvement is natural. For that, it is enough to be present in these events and situations that can gradually position you as a known name in this area.

Learn to argue for yourself

Good speakers know how to captivate their audience. And, in the first place, because they know deeply the subject they are addressing. And the same must happen to you.

Being a reference means that you have learned everything about a certain subject, and that you also know how to argue perfectly so that the point you intend to address is understood and clarified.

In personal marketing, this is elementary. The faster and more efficient your speech, the better your self-promotion will be.


Tell good stories


Also in a complementary way, a good storyteller holds the attention of your audience. And that is what you need to work on continuously to ensure efficient personal marketing.

Understand, therefore, the message you intend to convey and what are the means that your audience most uses to absorb it. Speeches, presentations, graphic materials … It doesn’t matter the platform, as long as it is the medium that generates more identification and interest of your target audience.

Learn to promote your work

There are several ways to promote what you have been doing. Below, some of the main means:

  • virtual and physical portfolio;
  • personal blog;
  • social networks;
  • LinkedIn (which, although a social network, is mostly used for professional matters);
  • own website.

Join discussion groups, make your name and defend your arguments, interacting with other people. The process takes time, but it is quite a differentiator to qualify your personal marketing.

Take care of your image

Whether in a personal presentation, in a conversation, a presentation and also on the internet, take care of your image. Pay attention to what you say and expose, and take due care in the way you relate to people.

Remember that your image is a faithful reflection of its structural pillars. And without that, people will have a hard time associating you with your content and also identifying you as a reference. This, in fact, is one of the main steps towards having a millionaire mentality .

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