Why is Islam against relationships outside of marriage?

Dating – boyfriends: Why marriage? How does Islam view marriage as opposed to just living together? Why is Islam opposed to friendship between people of the sex I bet?

Islam is everything that concerns “Rights”. Everyone has rights; Men, women, parents, children and, of course, God and His prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) also have “Rights”.

The opposite of giving people their “Rights” (Haqq), is “Opposition” or “wrong” (Dthulm).

And Allah repeatedly says in the Qur’an:


It is God’s right to be obeyed by his worshipers. It is the right of the prophet ﷺ, be obeyed by his followers, it is the “right of the Qur’an” to be read, understood and followed. They are basic “rights” of the most important kind in Islam.

When we come to “Human Law” in Islam, we find that it is not just “one-sided” as in many cases of man-made laws and rules.

It is not acceptable in Islam for a person to obtain gratification at the expense and loss for others.

Not knowing who a child’s parents are causes immediate loss of rights. Children born out of wedlock have problems in society and are often mistreated and deprived of their rights. Inheritance is just one of the many rights lost to children in unmarried “relationships”.

The child’s father may not even know that he has a child or may doubt whether the child is really his. Daytime TV shows attract large audiences, posing these types of parenting issues to people at their shows and then exposing a child’s “real parent”. in any case, these types of programs are illegal due to exposing people’s mistakes and gaining an audience with this at the cost of embarrassing people.

Grandparents are deprived of knowledge about their own grandchildren or often have to go to court to have the right to see them. Children often never discover or have a chance to meet their grandparents.

Diseases are another very common problem with these types of “relationships”.


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