Instructional stories for businessmen

He Was a successful businessman in a small town. He was the owner of a lot of money, working hard in honest ways. One of his loyal employees has been with him since the beginning of his success. One day, the faithful employee told his master that you have many possessions and I have been with you for a long time. Give me some money I want to do business with myself now.

The businessman was happy to hear this and said that you are not only my long-time loyal employee, but also my friend, I will help you.

Then the businessman said you do one thing, tomorrow morning you will come out of your house to play a band party with me playing music and everyone will say that you are going to bring capital from me.

Whatever the task, the faithful employee acted as the owner. The band came to the owner to play the party with the band playing.

The businessman then gave him a cloth bundle and the condition was that the employee would never open the bundle. He should have put this puppy in his hands and started buying business from tomorrow. After a while the businessman said you go now and tell people to bring a lot of money from the owner!

The loyal employee heard everything and went on to say that I had brought a lot of money from the owner.

The funny thing happened the next day, the employee was giving him the goods in small businesses without leaving the market; Because everyone knew that this employee started a business with a lot of money because he was the biggest business owner.

Thus, with the help of everyone, the employee became the owner of a lot of money. One day he felt that the puttlet brought by his owner was of no use, so he wished to open it. That’s the thing, when she opened the basket and was surprised because, put only 1 paise in the pot. Read more – When’s the Best Time to Start a Business?

The newly-rich employee went to his owner in anger and asked why he was humiliated with that money. The owner said that what I owed to you was due, if you do not want to take me back, give me back. Upon hearing this, the employee said, “Take your money.”

The owner asked how I gave you this? You will return the money from your house tomorrow morning to play a band party and say to the owner that you will pay back the money paid by the owner.

After that, all the strange things happen, because no one is giving him any leftovers because no one can trust him. As a result, she became as poor as ever.

Later one day when I met his owner, the owner said that what I gave you was a goodwill that you could not hold.

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