How to know who sees your stories on Facebook

Facebook stories have become one of the best ways to share temporary content on the social network. If you are one of those who put them on a daily basis and want to find out how to know who sees your stories on Facebook, we will explain it to you below.

Almost all social platforms such as Facebook or Instagram have a content format called stories. These are just photos or videos with a special feature: they disappear after 24 hours.

Statistics state that up to 300 million people used Facebook Stories daily in 2020 . Some data that confirms that the users of the application like this content format.

In Facebook stories you can add a number of stories with music, stickers, gifs or any other content that comes to mind. But once you’ve shared it, how do you know who sees your stories on Facebook? Knowing who has seen your story is very easy and will help you see if there are many or few who have been tempted to see the content you share.

To find out who sees your stories on Facebook, you just have to open the application on your mobile device and then click on the house-shaped icon that you have at the bottom or top of the screen depending on whether you use an Android or iOS phone. .

Then go to the top and click on the story. At the bottom left you will put the number of viewers, that is, the people who have viewed the story up to that point. Click on that number of viewers to display the information.

The stories that you have published on that day will then appear and also the number of viewers they have had. Click on update to track and update that number of people who have already seen your content.

Remember that by following these previous steps you can also see who has seen your Facebook stories from any web browser.

The stories can be seen only by your friends or contacts or by any user of the social network . This depends on how you have configured the option to view stories. If you want to edit this configuration or see how you have it established, click on the story and then click on the three dots that appear at the top of the screen.

Then go to “Edit Story Privacy” to check who you currently share it with . In that same menu you can also save the content of the story, archive it, delete it or send that story through a private message on Messenger to any friend or contact.


If you already know how to know who sees your stories on Facebook, but now you are also interested in knowing who visits your Facebook profile, read all the information carefully.

The most important thing you should know is that there is no official way for Facebook to see who has seen your profile . The only way to know who passed and saw our publications is through the interaction that these users make through comments or by giving “likes” on them.

There are third-party applications that can tell you who has seen your profile , but for this you must enter your data in it and you risk them being used for other purposes.


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