How to start a profitable business with little knowledge

Are you looking to start a business with a small investment in Bangladesh? Here we will try to provide the necessary information on how to start a business with a small investment.

Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing and developing countries in the world. There are many opportunities to start a business in this country. There is no shortage of businesses that can start on a low budget. About 1.5% of the people in this country are involved in business. Moreover, some people have chosen the business as a source of additional income besides employment.

So you too can start a small business with a small investment . This is discussed below.

What is a low cost or small investment?

When it comes to low cost or small investment, one must know what low cost or small investment is. Also, you need to know what the low cost or small investment implies.

Starting a small business on a small scale takes some time to succeed. The money needed to start a small business, such as buying raw materials, renting space, implementing marketing strategies, etc., is defined as low cost or small investment. Although the amount of investment of different individuals varies. Typically, small business investments in Bangladesh range from 3,000 to 1 lakh.

When do you need a small investment?

Starting a profitable business on a small investment is not too difficult. But one must know how to start a profitable business with a small investment. You may not know the details of your business’s core or may not be motivated enough. Moreover, you may not have enough money to invest.

And if you think it takes enough money to start a business that you don’t have, then your business venture may be closed. But you can start a lucrative business with at least a small investment. And there are numerous such businesses in Bangladesh. Also, if you fail to raise the money you want, you can accept alternatives like loan and grants.

What is needed to start a small profitable business?

When you are going to start a small business with a small investment, you need to know what it takes to start it. Let’s know what it takes to start a profitable business. Read more – 4 businesses can benefit from starting in a small town


To start a profitable business with a small investment in Bangladesh, a business plan with a financial model is required. And according to that business plan, the concept of business can be implemented. Without a business plan, no business can be successful.


Different types of licenses and permits are required to start any business. And what is required for this, how much money can be spent, how to complete the process must be known.

Online Presence

Currently, no small business can be imagined without an online presence through blogging or website. With an online presence, you can easily introduce your service or product to the public.


No business can be imagined without marketing. You can also accomplish this through the marketing process of social media marketing, SEO, etc.

Equipment and Products

In fact, not all businesses need different equipment, permanent offices, other necessary materials, etc. Again these are very important for many businesses. However, any business needs a product or service.

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