In which areas can the Pedagogue work?

Know a little more about the pedagogue’s work, in what areas he can act and what activities this professional performs.


A professional trained in Pedagogy can act as a teacher in the first years of elementary school . You can also work in preschool, as a teacher or classroom assistant.

School management

In the school environment, the pedagogue can also work in the management area , performing various management tasks , such as organizing the school calendar, cultural activities, developing basic education pedagogical projects, coordinating the execution and evaluating the progress of these projects, among many activities .

Special education

In special education, the pedagogue must adapt the teaching methods to students who have some learning limitations (dyslexia, autism, deafness, etc.). In these cases, you should teach classes using different teaching techniques, so that these students are able to understand the content taught.

Business Pedagogy

In a company, the pedagogue works in the area of ​​people management. It is responsible for the training and development of personnel, triggering behavioral changes in employees according to the company’s mission . With each new change in the company’s procedures, the pedagogue is responsible for preparing and executing the training of employees.

Hospital Pedagogy

The educator who works in hospitals takes care of the education of hospitalized children and young people. Hospital Pedagogy is responsible for promoting educational actions for patients, respecting their limitations and the conditions in which they find themselves . The educator must accompany and care for these patients so that the experience of hospitalization is not so traumatic. Another objective is that the patient is not too late in terms of content and that the disease does not harm his studies.

Educational orientation

In the area of ​​Educational Guidance, the pedagogue works with students and teachers. With regard to students, talk individually with each one in order to guide them on how to improve their school performance. With teachers, the educator helps teachers organize their classes and deal with inattentive and dispersed students . It also helps in the creation and application of teaching methods adapted to the reality of each student.

Toy Industries

In this segment, the pedagogue works together with the development team in order to adapt the product to the age group they want to reach.

Pedagogical Materials

A pedagogue can work on the development of educational material for early childhood education. This includes writing textbooks and also developing all kinds of instruments, toys and games that can assist in student learning. In addition to developing materials for early childhood education, the pedagogue can act in the production of material for other grades of regular education. In this case, he will work with the teacher in the specific area of ​​knowledge (Portuguese, Mathematics, Biology, etc.).

It also helps in the construction of diversified materials, clarifying the student’s learning process, how he will use that specific material, if it is in accordance with the student’s age range and with the knowledge that the teacher wants to transmit.


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