In the heat of love in a bar (Main Curro), Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 main gig: In the heat of love in a bar

Unlock Condition : Complete the Main Curro  I’ll Dance on Your Grave

Notes : Go to this mission with cash, as there will be a mandatory payment to be made.

After finishing in I will dance on your grave , it is time for you to get going with the next Main Curro  of Cyberpunk 2077 , which has been baptized as In the heat of love in a bar . Anyway, go to Lizzie’s  talk to the mox at the front door and go down the stairs to get to Judy’s lair . Talk to her with the following in mind:

If you tell her the truth , you will look good to her.

If you don’t say anything to him , he will reproach you in future conversations.

When you’re done, grab the cigarette case from his table and talk to Johnny on  the way out before heading to the H8 mega-building. Upon arrival, go upstairs and take the elevator to the Clouds  on the 12th floor. Change the clock so that it is well into the afternoon, as that will be the time it opens. Specifically, advance until 19:00. Once connected to the terminal, you can choose between two dolls:



Depending on your choice, you will have one conversation or another. Be that as it may, pay to enter. Leave the weapons in the security locker before going to the cabin of the doll you have chosen, being able to obtain information from Evelyn Parker  according to your dialogue options. Then go to the vip area, although the porter will only let us pass with an access card. In case you don’t have it, you can infiltrate. Be that as it may, we will explain what you should do on each floor:

Infiltration in the main plant

Talk to Angel or Skye in booth 6 or 9 asking all you can about the Evelyn incident . When they tell you that it was in booth 11, you can ask how to enter.

Enter Cabin 11 and inspect it for bloodstains, the harbor frame, and the corner holovisor to view the scene from the security footage. This is necessary for the logger’s interrogation.

Now, in order to sneak into the VIP room, follow Tygre’s Claw who is chatting with the doorman for a while before going to the bathroom. If you shoot him down here, you can take his card and his weapon away from him.

On the other hand, if you have the necessary Constitution level, you can force the door next to the bathroom, thus reaching a back room. When the Tygre Claw guarding her looks the other way, enter the elevator at the back.

Infiltration upstairs

Here, remember to talk to Tom first in cabin 2 to discover the location of the Lumberjack. The options to get to his office are several in case you have not yet entered into conflict, although first of all neutralize the camera:

With high Technical Skill or Constitution : Open the closed door of the restricted area.

Enter the private room on the left and eliminate the single Claw of Tygre. After this, go through the door and you will see the office.

Colaros in the living room and go to the dressing room on the left. This way you can go through the balcony.

You can also enter the control room to obtain information for the interrogation as well as collect Evelyn’s belongings in the locker room along with other weapons. Be that as it may, when you arrive at the office, you will have to carry out an interrogation that can end in several ways:

Lumberjack Interrogation

Once you have reached the woodcutter, you will be given several options to convince him to give you information without the need to shed blood. In this way, if the cinematic ends peacefully, the woodcutter will activate the elevator, thereby shortening the path to the exit. To do this, follow the instructions that we leave you below:

Make a deal with the Lumberjack

There will be two ways to do it,  each having requirements :

Dialog Options  if you have a high level of Intelligence and have investigated cabin 11 or have read the files on the computer in the control room. If you don’t keep what you promised, there will be a match at the end.

Choice 1 : You seem to have trouble with a netrunner.

Choice 2 : Please please, only if you help me.

Dialogue Options  if you have a corporate background:

Choice 1 : You only see the Claws of Tygre. You have no idea who is behind it.

Choice 2 : The girl I’m looking for is linked to Arasaka.

Threaten the lumberjack

In this case there will be 5 options according to the requirements :

Dialogue Options  if you have completed the Hunt the Monster quest  in relation to Jotaro Shobo:

Choice 1 : Do you want to end up like Jotaro Shobo?

Choice 2 : Shobo ran into the wrong person.

Dialogue Options  if you have seen the holoprojection of Evelyn’s episode in booth 11:

Choice 1 : I’ll tell the press everything.

Choice 2 : I will report this to the press.

Dialogue Options  if you have met River Ward  by completing the Reputation Wing side job :

Choice 1 : You could call vice right now.

Choice 2 : Maybe, but maybe …

Dialog Options  if you have chosen these dialogues without having said anything aggressive before:

Choice 1 : Your bosses should know how you treat customers.

Choice 2 : You have more power than I thought.

Dialog Options  if you have chosen these dialogues without having said anything aggressive before

Choice 1 : Let’s not make this more difficult than necessary,

Choice 2 : One way or another, I’ll find her …

In case he survives, you will be able to see him again in a future secondary gig. If he dies, check the information on his computer. When finished, return to the entrance, picking up your weapons along the way and the job will be finished. After this, the following Main Curro will play :  Give me back my girl .

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