Cyberpunk 2077 Main Curro: I’ll Dance on Your Grave

Cyberpunk 2077 Main Curro: I’ll Dance on Your Grave

Unlock Condition : Complete the Main Job  The Heist

Notes : –

Once you have finished with the Main Curro  of The Coup  in Cyberpunk 2077 , it will be the turn to move on to the next mission, which, luckily, is quite linear. Therefore, it will not be very difficult to overcome, but even so, in the following you will find the keys to overcome it. To begin, once the job begins, go down the hall, which is the only available path. Also, on stage take the microphone.

Go through the door and get into the helicopter outside. After this, manage the turret when instructed to do so and kill all the enemies on the roof. After this, follow your allies and take out the enemies you come across. After this, in the elevator place the bomb and activate it. With that done, shoot the mechanism above the elevator and go talk to Rogue  before going through the double doors.

Once in the big room, kill the enemies one by one to avoid bigger problems. With your path clear and clear, head down the stairs to the upper walkway and blast enemies as they appear. Go through the door at the end and repeat the killing. After this, you will find the access point on the left wall. You must connect to this and go back to the roof, where a cinematic will take place.

After this, run down the stairs and jump into the helicopter. Do everything that is shown on the screen and you will end up returning to your apartment. Leave the flat when you have done everything you see fit and Takemura  will call you. Now it’s time to go to Tom’s Diner . Here you will have to sit down with this character. After the conversation, the mission will end. After this, the main gig  that he plays now is  In the heat of love in a bar

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