Importance of Independent Cinema

If there is a cultural product of significant importance today, it is independent cinema. When we talk about this concept, we refer to a way of making cinematic visual art that escapes in many ways the canons established by Hollywood or by the massive and popular film industry.

What aspects make up this artistic expression?

To understand what independent cinema really represents, we must run from the way of thinking that tells us that all cinema must be entertainment or fun . This is a very common vision today that despises any form of cinema that does not involve strong emotions or high impact effects. On the contrary, independent cinema is considered an art form since it seeks to put into pictures scenes and situations that represent our daily life and that can be enriched by the creativity of those who create them.

The type of cinema to which we refer has a main distinction with respect to mass cinema (and that is the one that ultimately gives it its name): the budget that exists when it comes to producing and the absence of sponsors, investors, sponsors or entertainment chains that pay to direct the piece. In independent cinema we usually find artists (directors or actors and actresses) who carry out personal and own works, in which the objective will not be to generate sidereal profits.

Why does this type of cinema exist?

Independent cinema has always existed because this is where cinema as an art form starts. It has always escaped the parameters of realization, work and company that govern the film industry such as the numbers that are handled in terms of production and payment to the stars , the use of special and digital effects of the highest cost, etc.

Thus, independent cinema appears in the world of the seventh art as a necessity since it seeks to express other types of content, of more elaborate and deeper complexities, of harsh realities, exacerbating the most nullified senses and emotions in massive and technological cinema. Independent cinema is not usually made in large studios nor does it count on their contribution, but rather it is customary to record in natural settings, with little or little budget, with growing actors and artists, etc.

These great differences make independent cinema an interesting product for those who do not want to be guided by the interests or the style of large film productions, which are usually considered pretentious, superficial or even empty of content.


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