Importance of Color

Although one tends to relate a color palette to painting or drawing, the truth is that the presence of color in all aspects of our lives is extremely central. Thus, color is important in several ways: it allows us to express moods, it allows us to make ourselves known and point out our identity , it serves to distinguish our product from another, it serves to communicate through the color of our clothing, etc. Due to the importance of visuals for western society today , color is of undoubtedly magnificent importance.

The idea of ​​a color science is becoming more and more popular. This is established around the notion that each color has a meaning, represents something specific and serves a certain function. Thus, knowing the colors we use is vital in many activities of our daily life. A clear example is when it comes to our clothing: dark and opaque colors are often associated with negative moods as well as colder, wintry times of the year. Bright, vivid and bright colors are often associated with happier moods as well as warmer times of the year.

Color is also important with regard to social distinction since for many times and in many societies certain social groups were forced to use certain colors or they were directly chosen voluntarily. Black for example is always seen as a color of mourning while yellow is a historically frowned upon, despised color.

In addition, color serves to distinguish our identity from that of others and this is especially significant in the corporate world: it is recommended that each company, each product have its own logo and specially chosen color to better represent what it is trying to sell. This is the central work of graphic designers, who seek to convey not only through messages but also through the combination of colors a clear and concise idea.

Finally, we can also add how color matters in the little things in life. For example, when we choose to paint the wall of our room in a color because we think that it represents us better or because we believe that it will serve better for the purpose that we want to give to that room. The colors of the traffic light point out the difference between caution and freedom etc.


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