Importance of Rational Use of Drugs

We may have heard of a patient suddenly suffering from shock after being given medication or a medical officer reported to the police for giving the wrong medication to his patient. For this reason, efforts are needed to prevent cases that occur due to inappropriate use/use of drugs. One of them is the importance of knowing the safe and rational use of drugs, both by prescribing writers, drug distributors (dispensers) and by patients/drug users.

“Irrational/irrational drug use is often encountered in daily practice. Use of drugs without a clear use; The wrong method and duration of administration, as well as expensive drug prescriptions are some examples of irrationality. The use of a drug is said to be irrational if the possible negative impact received by the patient is greater than the benefits,” said Dra. Maura Linda Sitanggang, Apt. PhD, Director General of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices in the 811 Metro TV Talkshow Program on 28/7.


In the talkshow, the Director General of Binfar and Alkes added that irrational use of drugs is often encountered in daily practice. Prescribing drugs without clear indications; Determination of the wrong dose, method, and duration of administration, as well as prescribing expensive drugs are some examples of irrational prescribing. The use of a drug is said to be irrational if it does not follow the principles of rational drug use.

“Drug use is said to be rational if it is medically appropriate and meets certain requirements. Each requirement has different consequences. For example, an error in how to use it can have consequences in the form of unsuccessful therapy,” said the Director General of Binfar and Medical Devices.

When asked about the impact of using irrational or irrational drugs, the Director General of Binfar and Medical Devices explained, in addition to causing a waste of money, irrational use of drugs also increases the risk of side effects. Another impact, for example, is the patient’s dependence on antibiotics which will further increase the risk of bacterial resistance due to inappropriate use of antibiotics.

“In addition, the negative impact of irrational use of drugs is very diverse and varies depending on the type of irrational use. This negative impact can only be experienced by patients (side effects and high costs) as well as by the wider population (resistance of germs to certain antibiotics) and the quality of treatment services in general,” explained the Director General of Medical Devices.

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