Importance of Cinema

Cinema is understood today in a dual way: on the one hand, it is understood as one of the most important arts in Humanity, and on the other, it is also seen (especially American cinema) as the foundation stone of one of the largest industries in the world. all the world. Thus, cinema becomes a phenomenon of great relevance for today’s society and its reach reaches not only the limits of western society, but is also present in all corners of the planet to a greater or lesser degree.

Cinema emerged in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries with the most primitive formats. His idea is based on the projection of still images in a continuous way and at high speed so that they appear to be moving images . This idea is based on what we know today as cinematography and it will not be until the first decades of the 20th century that cinema will not slowly begin to take a form closer to the current one.

Cinema is an expressive medium of high impact and this is so since it can combine many arts within itself: the dramatic arts, music, staging or photography , literature . The cinema needs not only the work of the actors and interpreters but also the directors, screenwriters, producers, props, technical team, etc. Thus, it is a complex phenomenon that can result in very diverse but very representative artistic styles at the same time.

Today, the phenomenon of cinema is also an economic phenomenon and not only an artistic one. This is so due to the importance that the Hollywood film industry has developed , located in the city of Los Angeles, in the United States. This nerve center of the film industry is where a large part of the productions take place and where many of the most important film producers on the planet are also located. Along with the arms industry, the film industry is considered to be one of the industries that moves the most capital on the entire planet, thus signifying great interests of all kinds.


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