The Importance Of The Hereafter Belief In Islam

The belief in the belief in the hereafter provides the greatest support for the meaning of life in human beings. So, what is the significance of the belief in the hereafter in understanding humanity’s life? Here is the belief in the hereafter and the meaning of life…

News update date 11.04.2019 17:29

Mankind cannot direct his life without believing that there will be a match for the values ​​he struggles for and for the values ​​he believes in. People who do not have two world beliefs think that they have come to the world just to “live” and they continue their lives only by adhering to the world. Such people cannot do any benefit to themselves or to society. On the other hand, those who have knowledge about the importance of the belief in the hereafter in making sense of life and those who believe in this value strive to beautify the world, to be beneficial to the people, and to serve the society.

The belief in the hereafter is extremely important in making sense of life . People who want to add meaning to life and live accordingly always ask themselves the following questions; “Why was I created”, “why am I living”, “is there any other life after this life?”

“Why I was Created?”

This question is an important clue so that it can spruce up your life. In the words of the verse, man was created “only to serve Allah . So there is a further object of man’s world. People with servant awareness do their best to beautify the society they live in. In business life, social life, people’s perspectives, etc. they feel compelled to be in constant balance. Because being able to use Allah is not a job that only ends the responsibility of performing individual prayers. It also requires being sensitive to all matters that can benefit society. A person who can think in this way definitely does not eat the right to servant, does not fall into situations that Allah does not welcome.

“Why Do I Live?”

Why does a person live? He lives in the world to be beneficial to himself and his family, not to burden society, and to make his livelihood without harming anyone else. A person is only human as long as he thinks this way, and people who think this way always be careful in their steps and refrain from making mistakes. Even if they make a mistake, they immediately return from their mistakes. Actually, “why am I living?” The biggest answer to the question is this; “Allah sent me to the world as a servant and loaded me some responsibilities and duties. As a servant of God, I am responsible for fulfilling these responsibilities. However, if I live this way, Allah will be pleased with me and do not punish me on the Day of Resurrection. ”

“Is There a Life After This Life?”

This is the question that will help a person tidy up the most. As we said at the beginning, people who have “one world belief” believe that all they do will stay in this world and do not believe that they will be resurrected after they die. This entails not paying attention to any rules while living in the world. However , the importance of the hereafter, which makes sense of life, manifests itself in the clearest way. People who believe that a life exists after this life, they believe that everything they have to do as long as they live has an account and thus avoid what they have forbidden by Allah (cc). Thus, they take an important step towards becoming an important individual for the society.

The belief in the hereafter, which makes life meaning, makes people think that life is completely aimed at gaining God’s consent, which prevents people from doing evil. This is an important source for a proper lifestyle. If people do not believe that they will be accountable after their death, if they believe that what they do in the world will remain in the world, then there will be no peace in the societies. Perhaps this is the biggest source of many problems today. The only solution to all of the problems experienced due to the lack or lack of a hereafter is to have a belief in the hereafter and act accordingly.


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