The Effects of Islamic Religion on Culture, Arts and Thought

The religion of Islam has many effects in our society on culture, art and thought. We have also clarified this issue, which we frequently encounter with our valuable readers in lecture subjects. Here are the effects of the religion of Islam on culture, art and thought.

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Islam is not a religion that is limited only by prayers and faith in God. On the contrary, its effects on culture, art and thought are extremely high. Islam religion; He did not deny cultural traditions that are not against the creed of faith, and he found all the ways of thinking and art in the halal circle positive.

Culture , art and thought; is the name given to the sum of the values ​​that a nation brings from its past to the present. The way of living, cultural values ​​arising from the way of living, art and thought are the values ​​that the religion of Islam gives importance to . Cultural values ​​can be analyzed under two headings. These;

  1. Material values
  2. Spiritual values

Art, literature and architectural works are considered as the material or material values ​​of cultures. This item can be developed and evaluated in many ways. That it was built by our ancestors and caravanserais, madrasas, bridges, mosques and musical instrumentsSuch things are evaluated as material values, and Islam regarded all developments that are materially valuable and will not cause people to move away from the belief in Allah, and recommended that they be done. For example, the construction of caravanserais in the past was very valuable assets especially for traders. Merchants who had to go a long way to trade would rest in the caravanserais, trade and safely meet their accommodation needs. Again, the possibility of doing science education in madrasas can be explained with the importance given by the religion of Islam to the culture.

Art ; are the values ​​that describe one nation’s own values ​​and enable other nations to introduce their own cultural values. All values ​​such as poetry, calligraphy, music are gathered under the heading of “art” and Islam supported the religion as long as the studies in this field did not cause people to move away from Allah (cc).

Islam is a religion that attaches importance to material values ​​as well as spiritual values ​​of nations. Spiritual values ​​or values ​​such as the main language, moral rules, religion, aesthetic understandings, customs and traditions, customs and traditions, works of thought, historical consciousness are the spiritual values ​​of nations, and Islam did not look at the spiritual values ​​of any society, and did not see one superior to another. For example, languages ​​are the information about the messages given in the 13th verse of Surat Hucurât , which we wrote earlier .As we have emphasized in the information we provide on the subject, it is for people to mingle with each other. Similarly, moral rules are one of the most distinctive features of a society. If the rules of morality are not fully followed in a society, people cannot be expected to live there in peace and tranquility. Therefore, it should be said that the religion of Islam gives great importance to the moral rules under the title of moral values.

Effects of Islamic Religion on Thought

Thoughts are values ​​that guide how a nation should act. The fact that people who lived in the past periods cannot see today and think according to the period they lived has enabled them to live a more stable and correct life in their own period. Similarly, the change of thoughts today is not even prohibited or approved, as long as it is compatible with the religion of Islam. Before, for example, while an idea was being conducted on a subject, some evaluations were made according to the conditions of that day and this was so in every field. As a matter of fact, Imam Ghazali , one of the Islamic scholars , Ibn Sina, FarabiThinkers like, have drawn model roles on how people should live in their own time, and the ideas of these thinkers have survived for centuries until today. Today, there are Muslim thinkers, and since the thought from “thinking” is extremely important in the religion of Islam, today’s thinkers are considered as very important figures in the eyes of Muslims.

The effects of the religion of Islam on culture, art and thought are long enough to talk about. Our Prophet (pbuh) has been considered valuable since the time, as the values ​​supported in terms of how Muslim should act, the development of things that will be beneficial to the society, the execution of the arts, and the thoughts being a model for the society. Because Hz. Muslim poets and artists in the time of Muhammad (pbuh) were not too few to be underestimated, and these craftsmen did useful work for both Muslims and other people during their time, and they were designated as respectable people by all of our people, especially our Prophet.


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