The importance of colors in human personality

Just as life is impossible without food, so I consider myself incomplete without human colors. Blue, yellow, red, green, white, orange, black and pink are found in every hundred. Man has always enjoyed these natural colors. But when man felt the need for more colors, he started mixing the same natural colors to create different colors and started using them in different places. Apart from beauty, these colors also highlight the personality of a person. There are so many colors in the world that different people like different colors. The choice of these colors can also be used to gauge the characteristics of human temperament.

Different colors affect our lives and moods in different ways and reflect our personality. White: White has always been considered a symbol of purity and greatness. This color is attributed to elders and mystics. People who like white have a pure idea. According to psychologists, their temperament is mild and tolerant. They are peace-loving, peace-loving, sympathetic and benevolent to others. Red 2: Red is very powerful and immediately attracts one’s attention. ۔ This color is sometimes considered a symbol of happiness and sometimes of danger. This color is a symbol of struggle and energy. Psychologists say that people who like red are diligent and want freedom.

They have a desire and a quest to do something every moment. Green: Green is the color of spreading. This color is a symbol of unity and sanctity. People who like this color have an open heart and a wide mind. These people have a consistent temperament and are able to stand up to others with arguments. Blue: Different colors are used in the ancient civilization of Sindh.

Blue is especially important. This color was obtained from a plant called “Nair”. Blue color is also used in Sindhi and Seraiki Ajrak. This color is the flow of cool energy. It is also called the color of expression. This color is a symbol of depth and universality. People who like this color have deep thoughts. Pink: Pink is the color of delicacy, beauty and love. The color pink assures confidence and solidarity. This color has the property that it softens negative and aggressive attitudes. Emotional fear causes aggression.

This color brings back the state of tranquility and blood loss. People who like yellow are optimistic about the future. They cope with difficult situations and hardships with constant struggle and hard work. Such people are in a constant mood. They also have the ability to understand the pain of others and save them from suffering. From eternity to eternity man has been searching for the mysteries of the universe. That is why black is a symbol of mystery and order. This color is said to represent the hidden forces of the universe. Black also expresses sorrow. People who like this color have a hard time liking it.

They have tremendous imagination. They are also a mystery to people. Understanding his personality and temperament is not just for ordinary people. Brown: Brown has always been popular because of its proximity to the earth. Practical thinking, oneness, consistency, hard work and realism are reflected in the waves of this color. This color also includes red, yellow and blue energy. People who like it are also the center of attention. In ancient times, the color of libraries was kept brown so that students could study in unison. Given the importance and usefulness of colors, it is taking full advantage of the modern world. Choosing the right color to adapt to the environment, to evoke abilities can give a new impetus to the same intention of life

by Abdullah Sam
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