Importance of Calling People by Their Shadow

Regardless of their origin or culture, all people have a name. With him we identify as individuals and, at the same time, establish communication with others. For any individual, people can be divided into two large blocks: those that are known by name and everyone else.

What is your name?

The first thing we do when meeting someone is ask them by name. From this specific information we can already establish an effective and fluid personal contact. This simple question is not only a protocol question, because with it an exchange of ideas and true communication is already possible.

If I meet the same neighbor every day in the elevator and we both greet each other, I am complying with a general standard of education and civility

However, if in addition to the greeting I call you by name I am doing something else, because I communicate several ideas at the same time:

1) I am reminding you that I know who you are and, therefore, it is not about any neighbor but about Antonio, Vicente or Ana,

2) By mentioning your name, I am expressing closer proximity and

3) I somehow convey my will to establish a cordial relationship.

We have all seen a movie in which a suicide bomber tries to be rescued by a policeman or a firefighter. In these extreme situations the question what is your name takes on a special meaning. With it, the communication between the suicide and their savior is made more intimate and sincere. By using the name of the possible suicide he may experience a calming psychological effect.

Identification plates with the employee’s name

In many companies, employees who serve the public wear a nameplate with their name. This strategy also has an effect on communication between customer and employee. With the name plate, a personalized relationship mechanism is activated, since the client does not interact with an undetermined employee but instead talks to María, Verónica or Luis. The work facing the public is based on the attention to the client, which will feel well served if the clerk can be identified by its name.

Something similar occurs with the work of telemarketers, because the first thing these professionals do is communicate their name and ask the client what their name is.


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