Ideas for Sharing Time with Children on Holidays

Surely vacations are the most anticipated time of the year for children and at the same time there are concerns for parents for not knowing what to do with children on vacation. But calm down, here we are going to share some ideas that surely the little ones will love and will get the big ones out of trouble!

You can schedule a different activity every day, give your child all the options and ask him what he wants to do each day, set the schedule together, so he will feel super excited that they take his opinion into account.

Ideas to Spend Time with Children on Vacation


Swimming is an excellent sport, in addition to knowing how to swim is essential in life, so this holiday is super recommended to take some swimming lessons. Children can interact much more and expand their social circle, they will be very entertaining and exercising.

Another option is to go cycling, it is an excellent plan to spend family time, it is also very healthy for everyone and ecological. It is a stimulating activity, it helps children to develop their motor skills while having fun.

They can change the bicycle for skates or skateboards, or go out to play soccer, basketball or jogging. Ideally, while having fun, spending time together, they also exercise and create a healthy family habit.

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To have a good time with the children on vacation, what if they draw together, or there are already designed items in the market that are ready to paint, it is also an excellent option, especially in those children who are sensitive to art and crafts.

And if you like creativity, be encouraged to create things with modeling clay, for example, you can look for a drawing and try to recreate it with modeling clay, or with sticks or any material that comes to mind or has on hand.

And a good book or story can not be missing at night, how good it would be to choose a couple of books to read on vacation and as a goal they set out to finish them.


Definitely a movie plan can not miss during the holidays. Aim to watch a different movie every day. Nowadays, with so many options and platforms to watch television, it is very easy and entertaining to watch movies, you don’t necessarily have to go to the movies.

Of course, set everything to make the experience even better, popcorn can not miss, try to make the place dark and have fun as a family.

Table games

These games always take us out of trouble, and they are ideal for having a fun time, while developing skills and mental agility. There are many games you can turn to: memory, spelling, attention, strategy, among others.

Ask your child what games he likes and you can also surprise him with another to learn new things between the two.


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