Vaccination Scheme for Babies and Reinforcements

It is very important that as parents we have very clear what is the vaccination scheme that the baby should have, vaccines help the body to form those necessary antibodies that in the future will protect the baby from diseases.

Vaccination Scheme

  • Newborn: tuberculosisvaccines that prevent tuberculosis meningitis and hepatitis Bare mandatory vaccines .
  • 2 months: thereare 4 vaccines that should be applied.
    pentavalentis applied that is against diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, haemophilus influenzae type bo Hepatitis B.
    A vaccine called polio that prevents polio is applied .
    The 3rd vaccine that is against rotavirus .
    The last pneumococcus that prevents the onset of pneumonia, otitis, meningitis and bacteremia.

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  • 4 months: thereare 4 vaccines that should be applied and are the second doses of pentavalent, polio, rotavirus and pneumococcus.
  • 6 months: thereare 3 vaccines to apply at this age.
    The 3rd dose of pentavalentand polio .
    The 3rd vaccine is seasonal influenza that prevents respiratory diseases caused by influenza.
  • 7 months:only 1 vaccine is needed and is the second dose of seasonal influenza.
  • 12 months: thereare 4 vaccines that the baby needs at this stage.
    A single dose of SRPthat is to prevent measles, rubella and mumps.
    The second vaccine is against chickenpox .
    The third is the reinforcement against pneumococcus .
    And the last one is a single dose against Hepatitis A.
  • 18 months: thereare 3 vaccines a year and a half.
    The first is the reinforcement of the DPTwhich is for diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus.
    The second vaccine is polio booster .
    The third vaccine is a single dose against yellow fever.
  • 5 years: thereare 3 vaccines at this age
    The second reinforcement of DPT.
    The second reinforcement of polio.
    And the third is the reinforcement of the SRP(measles, rubella and mumps)

Why are reinforcements important?

It is important to know that the effectiveness of vaccines also depends on their application being at the right dose and at the right age. Doctors say that in addition to not receiving vaccines, not applying vaccines increases the risk of acquiring infections or having complications in everyday life such as malnutrition, school absenteeism, among others.


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