How To Write Job Sheets For Performing Job Tasks

How To Write Job Sheets For Performing Job Tasks is being discussed in this article.A job sheet is one which tells how to do a whole job or project. It can be built upon a series of operations necessary to carry on an activity or project to completion.Job sheets can be used in two important ways:

When prepared by the instructor it may be used as a guide for students to follow in doing a job. This use of the job sheet does not contribute much to the development of the students’ resourcefulness. Its main purpose is to point the way to do a job.When prepared by the student it serves as a challenge to his ability to analyze the job and plan his own procedure.

This type of job sheet contributes directly to the development of self-reliance and resourcefulness of the student when carefully checked by the teacher before he proceeds with  the job.

The following procedure is suggested in writing job sheets Tasks:

a. Select a specific tide. A title should be descriptive; for example, “How to Make a Butt Weld” is
better than “Welding,” because it specifically states the exact job.
List the objectives of the job. An example fitting our title “How to Make a Butt Weld” would include:
1. To teach the proper procedures in making a butt  weld using a rod.
2. To provide practice in developing torch control and hand-and-eye co-ordination
c. List the average time requirement to do the job.
This stresses the importance of the time element in any work and enables the student to compare his
speed with others.
d. List the tools and equipment needed. In the project above, this list would include:
1. One complete oxy-acetylene welding outfit
2. One welding table
S. One pair of pliers
e. List the materials needed; for example:
1. One piece sheet steel SAE 1025, 1/16″ x 2″ x 6″
2. One piece sheet steel 1/8″ x 2″ x 6″
S. 1/16″ # 7 welding rod
4. 3/32″ # 7 welding rod
Test the weld. Specimen should stand 180° bend test with no sign of failure at the root of the weld.
g. Illustrate the job sheet by sketches or photographs wherever possible. Many procedures can be
explained more clearly by illustration than by word description.


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