How to automate your tasks with Slack and generate workflow

Slack is one of the visual tools most used today in online businesses or small businesses , as it is one of the simplest and most organized ways to carry out different automated daily activities. This tool provides the opportunity to make immediate employment decisions , as it gathers all the information from conversations and documents in one place.

Likewise, Slack allows you to communicate and have conversations through chat with a work team in real time, developing an effective work relationship immediately. Now, do you want to know how to create and compute your work activities with Slack? Then follow us.

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  1. Slack What is it?
  2. What is a Slack channel?
  3. What is the function of a workflow?
  4. How can I start creating workflows
    1. Get started creating and adding tasks to a workflow
    2. How do I add steps to a workflow?
    3. How do I publish my workflows
  5. Using Slack
  6. What to do to join a slack workflow?
  7. What you need to know about Slack channels
  8. Set up a workflow that’s already done
  9. Can I add new collaborators?
  10. What to do to connect the flow with other applications?
  11. Can they connect to other services?

Slack What is it?

This is a versatile app, similar to WhatsApp Business , through this tool you can communicate in real time with your colleagues, clients or work team, without the need to use institutional email, all through live chat. It integrates a wide variety of tools and the best social networks such as: Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox, MailChimp, in others.

What is a Slack channel?

It is where both the work and the communication of the team, client, coworkers etc. That is, it is a central site where everyone can share documents and different types of information.

Channels are the means by which Slack can divide different pieces of information into several different parts of work teams and different topics called post threads; similar function to Twitter threads.

What is the function of a workflow?

The main function of workflows is to carry out various processes automatically that were previously configured from Slack . These will allow the work to be organized by different people who belong to the group in question. And they can be executed from Slack, but it is also possible to make use of other tools for the connection.

The way to use it is very simple and you can add as many steps as possible to perform a specific task. Another very interesting feature of workflows is that you can add collaborators. And once you publish it through the channel you choose, those people who are in your workspace will be able to use it.

And it is where Slack can configure various computerized tasks with many steps to later publish them, which you can change at any time you want.

How can I start creating workflows

From Slack it is very easy to create workflows, where you must also learn to add the different steps you need. Which are of three types, message steps, form steps and application steps. You should also know how to publish your workflow , but do not worry, below we will tell you how to do it step by step.

Get started creating and adding tasks to a workflow

Follow these simple and practical steps:

  1. Enter the slack website, then click on register, enter your work email or Google, if you are new and using a code that you will receive in the email provided, proceed to register by following the instructions on the screen. If you are already registered just click onSign in to an existing workspace.
  2. Now you should open the menu of a Slack workspace, search for Tools and choose Workflow Builder.
  3. Click on create a workspace.
  4. You should immediately give it a title that describes your workflow.
  5. Hit next, now as a trigger choose a new channel member.
  6. Go to tool and choose Workflow Builder.
  7. Click on create.
  8. Now you should give it a title that describes your work flow.
  9. Hit next, now opt for the new channel member trigger.
  10. Choose as recipient the person who has joined the channel. 
  11. Now, write a nice greeting message, you can also customize.

How do I add steps to a workflow?

Adding steps to your workflow is an operation that you must know how to perform without major setbacks. To get started, you need to go to the workflow generator and open yours. The next step is to open the library of steps and for this you will select the option ‘Add steps’.

Then you can do two things, add the step that is necessary or go to the column on the left. And from there you can select a step from Slack or from any other tool, to finish you just have to click on the Add option.

How do I publish my workflows

When you have already carried out the previous steps, it can be said that you have done the most difficult, since publishing a workflow is very simple . To start, the first thing you should do is open your workflow from the generator. This action will allow your work to be displayed on the screen.

Finally, you just have to press publish and voila, it will start to start immediately , the times a new member joins the intended channel. You should know that when your workflow is published, all members will receive a message indicating that it has been added.

Using Slack

This great instrument allows the people of a work group to carry out or carry out in a united way, diverse tasks in a fast and efficient way.

Workflows are started with a trigger, which in some cases generates an instant workflow and others are simply started by the person doing a certain action, which must be chosen from the shortcut menu. It has a free version and a paid version , choose the one that best suits your needs.

What to do to join a slack workflow?

  • If a workflow member sends you an invitation,you accept and that’s it.
  • You can also add yourself directly using your email (institutional email) assigned by the company.
  • You can also join by finding some spaces based on your email address.

What you need to know about Slack channels

  • The channels can be organized by team, client or as you decide according to your need.
  • As for the message threads, this will allow you to have all the chats both organized and focused on a certain topic of the channels.
  • Any member can join or leave the channels whenever they want.
  • Finally slack will keep your workgroup with effective productivity and you will save time, since it will keep them connected in real time, you will also be able to create and computerize activities with Slackin a simple and useful way.

Set up a workflow that’s already done

In the case that you want to configure an existing workflow you can follow the following instructions to achieve it. First you will go to the workflow generator, then you will find and select the workspace to configure. To do this you must click on the name and it will be found in the upper left corner.

Now go to the menu and you are going to select the option ‘Tools’ and then you must click on the option ‘ Workflow generator ‘. The next step in this new window is to choose the ‘Create’ option, now you will be asked to assign a name to your workflow. Once this is done, you must click on the ‘Next’ option.

Now it’s time to choose the trigger that your workflow will have and then click on the ‘Select’ option. At this point you must follow the steps to select a channel from the menu, then add a name to it and select the ‘Next’ option. And ready in this way you have configured an existing workflow .

Can I add new collaborators?

If it is possible to add new collaborators in a Slack workflow and they will have the same privileges or permissions that you have. Therefore a collaborator will be able to make changes in the configuration of a workflow. Like customizing icons, renaming, adding, editing or removing steps and they can even add or remove other collaborators or administrators.

To add new collaborators, you just have to do the following, enter your workspace and for this you will click on the name of the same. Then you must select the Tools option and then select ‘ Workflow generator ‘. Now go to the tab ‘Your workflows’ this action will generate a list and click on your workflow.

The next step is to select the ‘Settings’ option and in the Collaborators option you must choose the ‘Manage’ option. The next step is to find the name of the person you are adding to the workflow. Then you must click on the ‘Close’ option, you should know that the people added will receive a notification from Slackbot.

What to do to connect the flow with other applications?

Slack allows you to install an application to your workflow and in this way all members or collaborators can use it. To carry out this simple task, it will only be necessary that you enter Slack then you must click on the option ‘Applications’. If you can’t find the option, you can choose the ‘More’ option.

The next step will be to find the application you want to add to the workflow and then click ‘Add’. This action will take you directly to the directory that Slack has where the installed applications are displayed . The next step is to select the option ‘Add to Slack’ and finally follow the steps of the wizard to complete the operation.

Can they connect to other services?

If it is possible to connect your Slack account to other services , but this will require that they link to your website. In this way you will not have to leave Slack to be able to do so, for this you just have to click on the link of the service to connect.

Then you must select the option ‘Accept’ in this way the service will access your Slack account, it is possible that the verification of your email will be requested. Now you just have to follow the simple steps of the wizard that will guide you to connect with the service in question .


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