Walkthrough Elex 2: how to complete all side tasks

Walkthrough Elex 2: how to complete all side tasks.Elex 2 Complete Walkthrough of Side Quests.

Satellite missions.

Satellite missions

Throughout the story, Jax will be approached by his friends for help. Each time after receiving the consent of the hero will go to complete the task – the game will automatically transfer the group to the desired point. You will have to help the following partners:

  1. Kaya. Mage, berserk.
  2. KRONY. Battle droid.
  3. Bestia. Warrior, Morcon.
  4. Fox. Archer, Berserker.
  5. Chmorila. Thug, outcast.
  6. Falk . Cyborg, cleric.
  7. Naira. Technician, album.


Elex 2 Complete Walkthrough

The protagonist’s wife must fulfill her duties of protecting nearby lands. The player will have to help with the following tasks:

  1. “Land Protection”. Secure Tavar’s borders.
  2. “Terrible Truth” Give your wife time to relax.
  3. “Love doesn’t rust.” Reconcile with your beloved.

Land protection

In this quest chain, the player must help Jax’s wife maintain control of the surrounding territories. To complete it, you must complete the following quests:

  1. “The Clerics’ Garbage”.
  2. “Remains of the Albs”.
  3. “A traitor among us.”

Cleric trash

To complete the task, you need to clear the area from robots.

Remains of the Albs

Another mission to clear the area from monsters. We finish off all the enemies and talk with his wife.

Traitor among us

The girl wants to find the traitor among her guards. We communicate with the soldiers. Jax finds out that Drabak is making money on the side. We decide the fate of the hero. We let him stay in Kaya’s service.

Terrible truth.

Kaya realized that she had changed a lot, and the people around her were afraid. The girl will go to the Fort and become the local oracle of the berserkers. I’ll have to talk to my wife after a while.

Love doesn’t rust

Jax was given a chance to reconcile with his beloved and restore their relationship. We used only kind and positive remarks. Before completing the task, the heroes will agree to restore relations. After completing the task, we will see a cut-scene with a kiss.


Elex 2 Complete Walkthrough

KRONY finds a variety of nodal points and archives of enemy data. The combat drone wants to study every point for detailed information about the aliens. The hero needs to help his partner understand the technologies of the invaders. In all battle droid missions, the player will have to fight skiand squads. After defeating the enemies, you need to approach the device with a purple ball to talk with your partner. With each subsequent mission, the battles with opponents will become more difficult – flying targets and large, powerful enemies will appear. Ally Missions:

  1. “Scanning Karakis”. Northern part of Karakis.
  2. “Scanning Ateris”. Passage to the Crater of Ateris.
  3. “Scanning Tavar”. Southern part of Tavar.
  4. “Scanning Ignadon”. Northern part of Ignadon.
  5. “Scanning Karakis II”. Visit to Thomsontown.
  6. “Scanning Ateris II”. Eastern part of Ateris.
  7. “Scanning Ignadon II”. Western part of Ignadon.
  8. “Scanning Tavar II”. Northern part of Tavar.
  9. “Scanning Mararkor”. Western part of Mararkor.
  10. “Scanning Mararkor II”. Northern part of Mararkor.

After completing the tasks, the hero will receive comprehensive information about the current studies of skiands.


Meeting with Bestia

An old friend of Jax’s wants to become an unofficial Morcon ambassador to arrange trade agreements. The girl will behave aggressively, so in some missions you will have to use force:

  1. “Diplomatic controversy”. Establish contact with other factions.
  2. “Unpaid Debts”. Take revenge on the traitors.
  3. “Last name on the list.” Find out the final goal.

Diplomatic controversy

  1. “Encounter with Outcasts”. Talk to Baxter.
  2. “Meeting with the Clerics”. Chat with Reinhold. After the meeting, you will have to fight off a squad of robots in the “Robot Ambush” mission.
  3. “Meeting with the Albums”. Go to Ekrom. After talking with the leader of the Albs, the partners will need to repel the attack of machines in the quest “Unheard of insolence”.
  4. “Encounter with the Berserkers” Dissuade Bestia from stupid deeds. The girlfriend will not hear the arguments of Jax and will leave the hero. You need to talk with Kaya (quest “Reaping the fruits of your labors”) and ask Bestia about the reasons for this behavior (task “Failure”). After completing the last task, Bestia will return to the Bastion.

Unpaid debts

Elex 2 Full Walkthrough – Beast likes a tougher approach to completing tasks

In this chain of tasks, the player needs to help Bestia to take revenge on her offenders. To complete it, you will need to complete the missions:

  1. “Suspicious Bodyguard” Kill Bestia’s bodyguard.
  2. “Shameful Details” Kill Bestia’s lover.
  3. “Requisition”. Kill the second bodyguard of Bestia.
  4. Sleeping Captain. Talk to Bestia’s ex-girlfriend.
  5. “Almost the meanest son of a bitch.” Kill Bestia’s brother.

Last name on the list

Bestia will reveal that Jax is the last target on her list. After the conversation, the girl will leave the hero for a while, but then she will return to the Bastion and join the final battle.


Full walkthrough Elex 2 – Meeting with the Fox

The archer gets into trouble all the time. Jax will take part in the battles along with the Fox. To do this, you need to complete the following tasks:

  1. “Combat Mission” Recapture the seedling from the Albs. We go to the point and destroy the opponents.
  2. “Prohibited Methods”. Get even with the outcasts. We defeat opponents by marker.
  3. “The Trouble in the Forest”. Destroy the horde of mutants. We go to the mark and defeat the enemies.
  4. “The Consequences of Working Alone”. Go to the Fort and save the Fox from captivity. The partner was taken prisoner. We follow the base of the berserkers and communicate with a friend.
  5. “Legal Assistant” Interrogate the Fox, talk to Ulf and find his partner’s mother. Alternately moving along the markers to complete the task.
  6. “Meeting”. Meet Danya and the Fox at the Bastion. We move to our base and wait for the return of the heroes.
  7. “A huge responsibility.” Help the Fox defeat the skiands. We follow the marker and defeat the alien squad.
  8. “An almost hopeless situation.” Fight an army of monsters. Heroes will find themselves in a difficult situation. Ulf will come running to their aid with a large army of berserkers and will help his son fight off the skiands.


Elex 2 full walkthrough – Meeting with Chmorila

This partner can be picked up at the outcast camp. After that, he will occasionally come with tasks from the duke:

  1. “Suspicious Deeds” Engage in the supply of food, weapons and energy.
  2. “Monthly Report to the Duke”. Report on work done.
  3. “Dirty work”. Work as a courier.
  4. “The games are over.” Talk to the duke.

suspicious dealings

Elex 2 Complete Walkthrough – During the Quest

In this chain of tasks, the hero will have to help Chmorila in solving the issues of supplying resources to the outcasts. In each quest, the player is required to destroy enemy units. Tasks to be completed:

  1. “Forced delivery of food.” Get food information.
  2. “Arms Delay”. Learn about weapons.
  3. “Energy for the Duke”. Get information about power cells from the Albs.
  4. “Durable Trash”. Learn about Morcon steel.

Monthly Report to the Duke

Complete Elex 2 Walkthrough – Help Chmorile

Back to Baxter. Chmorila will quarrel with the leader of the outcasts – his partner will be demoted in rank.

Dirty work

From now on, Chmorila should become a courier and deliver messages to the right people. In each mission, it is enough to talk to the person indicated by the duke. To complete the quest line, you will need to complete the following quests:

  1. “Marco, nicknamed” Pyrka “”.
  2. “Tricked.”
  3. “Black Jackal”.

The games are over

Chmorila found out that the leader of the outcasts wanted him dead. The partner wants to get an explanation from Baxter and make peace with him. Before the conversation, you will have to beat the bodyguard and complete the “lèse majesty” task.


Elex 2 Complete Walkthrough – Help Falk

Jax’s old friend is a cyborg. He explores human emotions and studies the behavior of others. The hero will have to complete several tasks of a partner:

  1. “Ambition and Personal Growth”. Help a friend experiment.
  2. “False Friendship” Follow Falk.
  3. “Controlled Detoxification”. Help deal with the bandits.
  4. “Fake Service” Explain to a friend the position of the hero.

Ambition and personal growth

The hero must help Falk in studying the behavior of people. In each task, you must activate the cyborg as a partner and reach the indicated marker together. To complete this chain of tasks, you will have to complete a few simple quests:

  1. “Humanity: Altruism”. Find meat in the “Meat for Falk” subquest and offer it to all the people in Bastion.
  2. “Humanity: Helping Friends”. Destroy the fishermen under the Bastion.
  3. “Humanity: Managing Conflict”. Talk to Rolf and Baldr.
  4. “Humanity: Accepting Defeat”. Invite Tjalga to fight Falk.
  5. “Humanity: help in difficult times.” Help Rolf destroy the beasts.

deceptive friendship

Elex 2 Full Walkthrough – Encounter with Falk

KRONY will report that Falk has disappeared from the Bastion somewhere. We follow the marker and destroy Connor. Falk decided to work as a mercenary for psychos. We can drive a friend away or destroy the bandits together with him. We decided to kill the thugs and help Falk adapt to real life.

Controlled Detox

We go to the marker and kill all the psychos. Jax will ask Falk not to commit any more atrocities.

Fake service

CRONY will inform Jax of Falk’s intentions to go to the monsters. You need to talk to the cyborg. We follow to the specified point. The hero will help the cyborg understand that he should not go on a deadly mission. Falk will return to Bastion and give up trying to understand people and become human.


Elex 2 Complete Walkthrough – Naira’s First Challenge

The Albian Technician is sometimes engaged in outings for the Albs. The girl is looking for strategic documents. In almost every mission, you need to go to the mark and carefully pick up the documents behind the backs of the enemies. If the opponents notice Jax, then a brawl will begin. You can also immediately attack the thugs, however, in this case, the level of destruction of the world will increase. Jax needs help in all Naira’s endeavors:

  1. “Vulgar”. Complete the “Steal the Outcasts’ Plans” subtask.
  2. “Brothers and Sisters in Spirit”. Complete the “Steal the Clerics’ Plans” subtask.
  3. “Destruction Fanatics” Complete the “Steal the Morcon Plans” subtask.
  4. “Old Enemies” Complete the subtask “Steal the plans of the berserkers”.
  5. “Unpleasant things”. Help an ally get rid of the monsters in the area. We follow the marker and destroy all enemies.
  6. “Guard Service”. Send the girl on patrol. For some time, the partner will be unavailable.
  7. “Own people”. Complete the subtask “Steal the plans of the Albs”.
  8. “Belief”. Go in search of Naira. We follow to the marker and meet a partner.
  9. “The Greatest of Threats”. Complete the subtask “Steal the skiand plans”.

After completing all the tasks, Naira will be able to sort out her feelings.

Berserker Quests

Elex 2 Full Walkthrough – Encounter with Brambart

In this chain of tasks, the player will get to know the inhabitants of the Fort – the berserkers. By completing these quests, the hero will be able to climb the faction’s career ladder and become a warrior, and then a paladin.

Access to the fort

Elex 2 Full Walkthrough – Fort Tour

Getting to the base of the berserkers will not work right away. The player will have to increase his influence and complete several tasks:

  1. “Work for Chlamer.” Help with mines.
  2. “Work for Thorgild.” Help with tools. Thorgild will not help you get to the berserker base.

After completing the tasks, the player will easily find himself in the Fort. We talk at the gate with the guard Gardok and agree with the proposal of the Fist (mission “Tour of the Fort”. This will allow you to inspect the base and find out the key locations of the Fort.

Work for Thorgild

We move on the marker. Thorgild chastises his subordinates, so you won’t be able to talk to her right away. After the conversation is over, we offer our help. We return to the gates of the berserker base. The man will tell you that it will not be possible to get the tools in the near future. We return to the chief of farmers to complete the task.

Work for Hlamer

We move to the indicated point and get acquainted with Hlamer. We go into the mines and carefully examine the bodies of workers. Here you can also find several useful items, for example, a jackhammer for catching a variety of fish. We return to the head of the miners and complete the task. Now Jax will be able to get into the Fort.

Tour of the Fort

We follow the Fist and inspect the Fort. We can get a free bowl of soup from Skinny. If necessary, we buy from merchants and drink beer with a guide in a tavern. At the end of the path, the man will ask you to pay. We can refuse and peacefully complete the task.

Follow Petra

Elex 2 Full Walkthrough – Petra’s Quest

On the way to Fenris, we may encounter a girl who will ask you to follow her. We fulfill her request, inspect the cigarette butts and talk to her again to complete the task.

Berserker Trust

Elex 2 full walkthrough – Conversation with Francis

To join this group, the player will need to enlist the support of the inhabitants of the Fort and return to Fenris. It is not necessary to complete the tasks of all three members of the community, so it is enough just to complete the quest “Hlamer’s Mining Problems”.

After that, we return to Fenris and go to Wolf. The man will ask for an investigation, so we examine the leaflet and the nail. We inform him that the nail was forged in the forge, and there is something on the back of the leaflet. The task “Propaganda of Baxter” is activated.

All tasks in the branch:

  1. “Chlamer’s Mining Problems”. Engage in inspecting the mine and recruiting people to the team.
  2. “The Farmers of Thorgild”. Help the head of farmers deal with current problems.
  3. “The Disciple of Thilas”. Find the missing apprentice alchemist.
  4. Baxter Propaganda. Reveal the conspiracy.
  5. “Talk to Wolf”. Meet with the watchman.


Chlamer’s Mining Problems.

Elex 2 Complete Walkthrough

  1. “Gas in the Mine”
    . Inspect the mine and find temporary protection from the gas.
  2. “Miners for Chlamer”. Post a flyer for employment.

Gas in the mine

We study the mine. We return with fragments to the dump to Khlamer. We decide to clog the source and agree to help with the mine. We follow the marker, put on a gas mask and run to the far part of the cave. Always keep to the right. Soup or honey can be used beforehand to activate temporary gas protection.

We get to the end of the mine and return back to Hlamer. After the conversation, a new task “Miners for Hlamer” is activated. We follow to the Fort and find Ivan in the market. We buy 5 gas masks from a man. We return to Hlamer after buying items.

Miners for Khlamer

Elex 2 Complete Walkthrough – Finding Noticeboards

We go along the markers to three boards to post ads. On Thorgild’s farm, you should not resist the guard and forcefully place the leaflet. We talk with the girl and, if we have 20 intelligence points, we persuade her to allow the use of the public board. Otherwise, you will have to bribe Thorgild or complete the task of the girl. We return to Hlamer and complete both tasks.

Farmers Thorgild

In this task, Thorgild will have to help solve the problems of farmers. The following goals need to be achieved:

  1. “Tools for landowners”. Collect ore and take it to the blacksmith for forging tools.
  2. “Bad Workers”. Deal with the wages of farmers.

Tools for landowners

We follow to the blacksmith Lasse. The man will ask for 25 units of iron ore to forge tools. The subtask “Iron for tools” is activated. We find items in the mine and carefully examine the city in search of ore. We return to the blacksmith. We make a choice by the number of tools and follow Thorgild for the next task.

Bad workers

Full Walkthrough Elex 2 – Conversation with Butch

Some of the farmers refuse to work, so Thorgild asked to convince them to return. We follow the bar and find Butch in the back room. He will tell you that farmers are paid very little. We return to Thorgild. We can provide her with 2000 fragments to solve the financial problem or go to Fenris.

Elex 2 Complete Walkthrough – A House with a Bed to Sleep in

The man will report that he cannot redistribute the money, so he will advise you to go to Tilas. The alchemist does not agree to reduce his salary, but he considers that his apprentice Raik receives too much. We go to the bar and communicate with the man. He will ask you to come back in a day. The task “Raik’s Solution” is activated:

  1. “Duel with Curtis”. We go to sleep and return to Raik. We follow him and defeat Curtis.
  2. “Clash with Raik”. We catch up with the deceiver and drive him out of the Fort.

We follow to Thorgild to complete the mission.

Thilas’ Disciple

Elex 2 Complete Walkthrough – Introducing Tilas

A student should come to the alchemist, but he lingered somewhere, so we follow the marker in search of him. To complete the task, you must complete the following quests:

  1. “Eliminate the pursuer”. Find Sid and drive him away.
  2. “Kill the biter!” . Clear the area of ​​monsters.

After completing the tasks, we talk with Tilas.

Eliminate the pursuer

Elex 2 Complete Walkthrough – Finding Tilas’ Helper

We get to the nearest marker and find Sid. A man is looking for a disciple of Tilas. We use force (20 units are needed) and drive it away. It will give the student’s location. You can also kill Sid, but this will increase the level of destruction.

Kill biter!

Elex 2 Complete Walkthrough – Help Marvin

We reach the next search area and help Marvin fight off the monsters. We talk with him next to the fire and return to Tilas.

Baxter propaganda

A small chain of tasks in which Jax will have to uncover a plot against the berserkers. Tasks to be completed:

  1. “Interrogate Chloe.” Talk to the owner of the inn.
  2. “Interrogate Lasse.” Chat with a blacksmith.
  3. Night Watch with Wolf. Go on patrol.
  4. “Theft for Koshchei.” Rob a merchant.
  5. “The Lair of the Mole”. Decide the fate of the Claw gang.

Interrogate Chloe

Elex 2 Full Walkthrough – Encounter with Chloe

We follow the tavern and ask the girl.

Interrogate Lasse

Elex 2 Complete Walkthrough – Introducing Lasse

We go to the blacksmith and are interested in the missing nails.

Night Watch with Wolf

Elex 2 Complete Walkthrough – Help Wolf

In the first two places, the heroes will meet the innocent. We run to the kitchen and interrogate a suspicious person. We can bribe him, beat him or use stamina if you have 30 strength points. It is better to send Wolf for interrogation, so as not to spend money and not lower the level of destruction. We follow towards the bar and after talking with the guard we will complete the intermediate task.

We go to the marker in the northern part of the city and communicate with Skinny. We follow him and find out that he is a member of the Claws gang. We get fragments from him. You can agree to work for them or return to Wolf and tell the truth. We decided to help the berserkers, so we went to the guard. The man will advise to ingratiate himself with Toshchei’s trust. We return back to the Claws gang member and agree to work with the cook.

Theft for Koshchei

Full Walkthrough Elex 2 – Conversation with Skinny

We move to the secret passage indicated on the map. Inside, we immediately sit down and carefully pick up the ring from the bedside table near the merchant’s bed. We leave through the hidden hole back and lock the door behind us. We return to Toshchei.

mole lair

Elex 2 Complete Walkthrough – Door to Trader’s House

We follow the thief to a secret shelter. He will show the hatch. Open it and go down the stairs inside. We talk with Yasma to complete the intermediate task.

We give the ring without further ado. We honestly admit to the girl that we are carrying out the task of the berserkers. She will ask not to give out the real refuge of the Claws and offered to send guards to another place.

Elex 2 Complete Walkthrough – Meet the Talon Leader

We return to Wolf at the bar and make an important choice:

  1. In the old ruins, outside the walls of the Fort (Issue fake shelter, protect Yasma). As a reward, we will receive 100 fragments, the level of destruction will be significantly reduced, and the Claws will not be punished. The hero will be able to communicate with them and perform their thieving tasks.
  2. Under the Fort (give real shelter). As a reward we will receive 1000 fragments, the level of destruction will be significantly increased, Kaya will appreciate it, and the Claws will be punished. The hero will not be able to interact with this gang in the future.

We chose the first option. We return to Fenris and obtain permission to pass to the upper part of the city. This completes the Trust of the Berserkers questline.

Audience with the Rat

We follow the leader of the berserkers. After the conversation, the task will be completed.

Morcon, who is not welcome

In this task, you need to help the merchant Ivan get his goods from Chloe. You have to complete tasks:

  1. “Take Ivan’s rations from Chloe.” Gain access to the upper city and inform Chloe about it.
  2. “Take Chloe upstairs.” Escort the girl to the merchant and collect the reward.

Take Ivan’s rations from Chloe

Ivan will ask you to deliver goods from Chloe. We follow to the bar. The girl will tell you that without access to the upper city she will not be able to deliver. After completing the “Trust of the Berserkers” quest, the path will be open.

Take Chloe to the Upper District

We return to Chloe and help her deliver the goods to the merchant. After the conversation between Halvar and Chloe, we use intelligence (20 units are needed) and we get fragments as a reward. We return to Ivan and complete the task. We can help the man get to Karakis.

Rat Paranoia

We interrogate two people and run after Einar. We look at his house. Find a diary on the bed. Let’s go to Morcons. Aidan will be waiting near the entrance to their base. We offer the man to leave the fort or return back. You can also kill him. We advised him to leave the Fort and go to the outcasts. We return to the Rat and report on the work done. If the truth is told, the level of destruction will decrease.

Path to the rank of warrior

Elex 2 Full Walkthrough – Rat Encounter

Jax needs to win the trust of the berserkers and become a warrior. Before obtaining consent from the leaders of the faction, the hero must complete the tasks of Hlamer, Tilas and Thorgild. To complete this quest, you will have to help the locals again:

  1. “Consent of Thorgild”. It is necessary to bring the tanned skin to the girl.
  2. “Consent of Thilas”. You will need to collect the ingredients for the medicine.

After completing the missions, we return to the Rat. To be promoted to warriors, the hero must be level 20.

Consent Thorgild

Elex 2 Complete Walkthrough Thorgild Help

After talking with the girl, we follow Astrid. We perform several tasks in succession:

  1. “Unpleasant visit.” Get to Astrid and kill the tramp.
  2. “For a fistful of boots.” Meet Rocco at the campfire at night.
  3. “Kill Rocco.” Defeat the bandits.
  4. Astrid’s estate. Find the girl’s bag.
  5. “Kill the rot boar.” Destroy the monsters.

Unpleasant visit

Elex 2 Complete Walkthrough – Meet Astrid

You need to run to Astrid and get information about tanned leather. A tramp will start pestering her, so we help the girl and kill the man.

For a fistful of boots

Meeting with Rocco

Rocco took all the things. We follow the marker at night and find a meeting point with the bandits.

Kill Rocco

The bandits will not want to give things to Astrid. We kill a small detachment of thugs and go in search of things.

Astrid property

Elex 2 Complete Walkthrough – Finding Astrid’s Bag

We follow the map to the specified search area. We will find a bundle with things near a small tree on the edge.

Kill Rotboar

We return to Astrid, take away the tanned skin and go to Thorgild. Aggressive monsters will attack the landowners. We kill all the animals and talk to the girl. This completes the quest line.

Consent of Tilas

Elex 2 Full Walkthrough – Marvin’s Request

Short chain of tasks. To complete it, you need to do the following quests:

  1. “Deliver the message to Thilas.” Take the letter to Fenris.
  2. “Antidote for Thilas”. Gather the ingredients for the medicine.
  3. “Try the panacea.” Drink an elixir.

Deliver the message to Tilas

We follow to Fenris and give him a letter. We immediately return to the alchemist.

Antidote for Thilas

Elex 2 Full Walkthrough – Medicine Collection

Tilas has passed out, so Jax needs to help Marvin find the right ingredients:

  1. “Regular Vegetables” Part of the plants can be bought from vendors in the city, a traveling merchant and collected in the district. Also, part of the ingredients is in the house of Tilas.
  2. “Deadly Ingredient” You need to go to the marker and collect the troll grass. Nearby are two powerful opponents. Previously, you can give Marvin raw meat to prepare traps for trolls.

We return to Marvin and go to bed for a few days.

Try a panacea

Complete walkthrough Elex 2 – Cure Tilas

After the awakening of Tilas, we again go to rest. The alchemist wants to create an elixir and give it to Jax to drink. After applying the potion, the hero will increase all parameters by one unit. If you have a high IQ (requires 40 points), the hero will be able to give the correct name to the elixir and get its recipe.

Path to the rank of paladin

Elex 2 Full Walkthrough – Rat’s Approval

In this branch, the player will have to become a paladin and prove loyalty to the berserkers. To do this, you will need to complete the following tasks:

  1. “The Last Show of Loyalty”. Find the book and give it to the Rat.
  2. “Beasts in the Iron Mine” Help the miners fight off monsters.

After completing the tasks, we follow the Rat. You must reach level 30 of the hero, otherwise the dialogue option with the promotion of Jax will be inactive.

Last show of loyalty

Elex 2 Complete Walkthrough – Helping the Rat

We go to the indicated point and on the second floor of the house in the chest we find a book. To do this, you first need to open the lockpicking. We return to the Rat and give him the book.

Animals in the iron mine

Full walkthrough Elex 2 – Destroy the monsters

We follow the marker into the mines and destroy all enemies. This will complete the task.

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