Writing Assignment Sheets;10 Tips For Students

The assignment sheets always help the student to gain further information about the lesson by directing
his study or investigation.Questions are usually asked, and the student is required to seek the answers from the material suggested. It is an invaluable aid to self-study on the part of the student.

  • Select a specific title that adequately describes the assignment.
  • List the objectives of the assignment sheet. A statement of the purposes, principles to be
    taught, and application of the study should be included.
  • Give specific directions on exactly how the assignment is to be carried out.
  • Give any information not referred to in references.
  • If questions are to be asked, objective answers should be required. Objective questions permit
    ease of scoring, and have other advantages
    List the specific sources of information clearly.
    State when the assignment is to be completed.
  • Make instruction sheets durable.
  • Instruction sheets must be made strong enough to withstand constant handling by many students.


  • Provide adequate filing facilities.
    Instruction sheets must be filed so that they are easily accessible to students, and indexed in such
    a way that they can be found and replaced readily.
    The visible type of filing is recommended, in which the titles can be seen at all times.
  • Revise instruction sheets as needed.It may be found that certain sections of individual
    sheets need revision to clarify meanings and state­ments of procedures.
  • The proof of any instruction sheet is that it can be clearly understood by the student, and that it is technically correct. Changes in teaching techniques and advances in the tech­nology of the subject will necessitate periodic revisions in instructional material.
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