How to win in Fortnite

The Fortnite game has become has become a very popular game due to how fun it can be and the mechanics it offers: A Battle Royale where the one who stands after a fight with 100 players wins.

How to Win a Game in Fortnite Easily – Tips and Tricks

This style has made the community that is dedicated to playing Fornite very competitive and they develop strategies and ways to win in each game . It may not be easy, but there are certain ways to win in a Fortnite game.

If you are looking for a way to survive and win more games of Fortnite than you play, in the next article we will give some tips and tricks so that you can win a game of Fornite easily. So if you are a regular player or on the contrary you want to start playing, this article can be very useful for you.

How to win in Fortnite Easily

Land in chests

To have a good game it is essential to have a good start, as this will set the course of it. For this reason the ideal is to land in an area where there is at the least one object as the cofr e . If you find more than one much better; however, the locations of these are quite random so their location cannot be predicted with certainty.

Each chest will always give a weapon, this is also a random factor. It will also give us 30 of material, it can be wood, stone or metal, bullets and a cosmetic, which are usually bandages but medicine cabinets, grenades or smoke grenades can come out.

keep on moving

Being a shooter game, you should not only take care of your accuracy when shooting but you should also apply tips, such as crouching to avoid becoming an easy prey for your opponents.

For this reason, always keep moving . Standing still for a moment can be more than enough time for a sniper to blow their heads off.

Sort your inventory

This advice may be silly for many players but it makes a big difference between winning or losing a game when it is advanced.

It is super important to order and place your weapons correctly, especially if you are playing on the console that it is more difficult to enter the menu, change weapons and others, unlike PC that you have access to each weapon with a different key.

This is very important when you are in a face-to-face confrontation , so that you draw the correct weapon and can eliminate your opponent and not the other way around. One recommendation is to order weapons from highest to lowest range.

Build in safe areas

This tip is very useful especially at the end of each game when all players have access to grenade launchers. It is suggested to build on a building or a house since it will always be much more complicated for us to destroy the area.

If an enemy destroys the base you built, you can simply go into the house and that’s it. In this way you have two safe havens, to heal or protect you.

Don’t be afraid of the storm

Many users rush when the storm closes for the damage it can cause, but this really isn’t too much, taking 1ps or two off as the game progresses.

Never unprotect yourself or leave your location to escape the storm if you have an enemy nearby, as you could become an easy target. In this type of situation the most recommended is to cover yourself well and eliminate the enemy and then flee from the storm.

This has a great benefit since if you always go with the storm chasing your heels you can catch unprotected enemies that are walking and eliminate them easily.

Know the materials and use them wisely

This is decisive in determining the course of a game. As many players will think it is better to build with metal than with wood since metal is stronger.

This is not entirely true, because metal takes much longer to build than wood, so it is recommended to build with wood first and then reinforce with metal.

This is very useful for building as by building ramp quickly you will have the advantage of seeing your enemies and giving them head shots.

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