Win turkeys in Fortnite with the new Colossal Park challenge

A new Fortnite event proposes us to win turkeys and lots of objects, it is a speed challenge (speedrun) in Colossal Park , a scenario created by the user community that we must complete in the shortest possible time.

Colossal Park is a scenario designed by Hooshen in creative mode, and Fortnite has been running an official contest since April 30 and May 7 . The goal is to complete the tour in the shortest time possible, and the lowest times will receive turkeys as a prize (the virtual Fortnite money).

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As the name implies, Parque Colosal is set in an amusement park , and is a speedrun-type island, that is, we must complete the challenge in the shortest time possible:

To enter Colossal Park you have to enter the island code 3116-1087-3942 from the creative mode of Fortnite. The path to access from the game’s main menu is as follows:

Creative Mode -> Island Code -> 3116-1087-3942

Web: Colossal Park (Fortnite)

The truth is that the event has not been organized in a very professional way, because it forces us to upload a video to YouTube that shows the time achieved , and then we will have to send the link and our personal data through a Google form.

This is the form to participate in the contest and win the turkeys in play:

Web: Colosal Park challenge form

Regarding the prizes, these are the turkeys that will win the 10 best times in Parque Colosal:

  • 1st – 15,000 turkeys.
  • 2nd – 12,500 turkeys.
  • 3rd – 10,000 turkeys.
  • 4th – 7,500 turkeys.
  • 5th – 5,000 turkeys.
  • 6th to 10th – 2500 bucks each.

In addition, Fortnite will carry out a sweepstakes on Twitter , in which you can participate from May 5 to 10, 2021 . We must play on the Parque Colosal stage and upload a screenshot to Twitter with the hashtag #FNParqueColosal during the selected dates, only with this we will participate.

5 winners will be chosen at random , each receiving 2,500 bucks and a Dark Fire bundle , which includes 13 items (including costumes, backpack accessories and pickaxes).

The winners will be announced on May 12, and Fortnite will contact the winners directly. Of course, the Parque Colosal speed challenge is very complicated , since it barely delivers turkeys to the top 10 times worldwide, and the prizes on Twitter are also scarce.

Regardless, the Colossal Park challenge adds some variety to Fortnite and gives visibility to community creations. In addition, if we want to try new options, we have already presented the most interesting alternatives to Fortnite within the battle royale genre.


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