How to watch Netflix on a TV other than Smart TV

The entertainment in one form or another has been present in our lives. It’s not just enjoying a weekend, it’s getting distracted, getting out of the same routine or schedule.

It can be said that entertainment encompasses recreational and distracting activities where the person can relax from all their responsibilities for a short time.

Over time these activities have adapted according to the culture, tendencies and interests of individuals and societies. These activities can be, going to a concert, dance, sports, theater, cinema, games, internet, even watching television. When we entertain ourselves, we relax, have fun, enjoy ourselves, laugh which contributes to our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Many people like you may prefer to entertain or relax from the comfort of their home, since the internet or cable television offers it; Today the services and sites for TV and online streaming are very popular , you can even find the best movies on Netflix and have an incredible day

These services are varied and you can adapt it according to your needs, because these services broadcast live, you can see the movies and series that are on the billboard and also the highest grossing ones. Among them are: Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Now, HBO Max, YouTube, CBS All Access, AppleTV +, Google Play, Vudu, FandangoNow, Movies Anywhere, and Netflix.

What is Netflix?

In an American company that offers its entertainment services worldwide using its streaming internet platform whose main objective is to provide you with a variety of audiovisual content.

It was created in 1997 in which it offered DVD equipment rental services by mail from that year to 2000. Then Netflix as a strategy a rating system carried out online where customers had the opportunity to rate resources that they rented from the company. As of today you can download and install Netflix easily .

This system continued to evolve with the development of its system upgrades which has provided great success. Then, in 2007, it began to provide VOD services to be used by computers in the United States itself, then in 2008, various options were offered so a large part of the customers could enjoy the service on other equipment.

Currently Netflix contributes to the production and acquisition of different series, and audiovisual works without having to download it. According to your preferences, when choosing your series or movies, Netflix gives you recommendations based on them. In case you want to download them, we will also teach you to download Netflix movies and series on your PC

When you subscribe to Netflix you must choose the plan you want and the payment method, enter your username and password and, above all, that your computers are correctly connected to the internet in order to enjoy the service.

How to watch Netflix on a TV other than Smart TV step by step?

If you want to enjoy Netflix from any television without the need for it to be a Smart TV, I will show you below step by step how to do it, but you can also learn how to turn your old television into a Smart TV with Android .

Step 1

Check your computer and evaluate the ‘High Resolution’ output it contains, it can be HDMI or SVGA, VGA; computer ports can be on the side or behind the computer.

Step 2

Find an adapter cable so that you can connect the input and output ports of your computer with the television, in this case the output port of your computer and your television input. Check that both your computer and the TV are turned off to be able to connect the adapters and cables, already connected turn them on.

Step 3

On your TV proceed to expand your computer desktop by clicking the mouse on the desktop, and then extend the screen. Check the video source on your screen with the inputs you connected, then press on the remote control of your TV ‘Source’ or source to verify that the Netflix video signal is present.

Step 4

Proceed to open a new window of your internet browser and on your television on the screen with the mouse proceed to open it. In Netflix, enter your account, choose the movie or program you want to see, press Play and now if you enjoy what you want on your TV.


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