How To Watch Netflix Without A Smart Tv;Complete Guide

How To Watch Netflix Without A Smart Tv;.Netflix is a digital platform , used to watch movies, series and documentaries. To use this platform, you preferably need a Smart TV, which is an HD plasma TV with an internet connection. From these devices, you can download the Netflix application, enter with your username and password and enjoy. The problem is, when you do not have said television, but there is nothing to worry about, there are some simple ways to be able to have Netflix on other devices.

How To Watch Netflix Without A Smart Tv;

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  1. In what ways can you use Netflix if you don’t have a Smart TV?
    1. Using External Devices
    2. Connecting your computer with an HDMI cable
  2. What external devices can you get to use Netflix on your TV?
  3. How to properly configure an external device to use Netflix on your TV?
  4. Why can’t you use Netflix effectively on your TV?

In what ways can you use Netflix if you don’t have a Smart TV?;How To Watch Netflix Without A Smart Tv.

How To Watch Netflix Without A Smart Tv;

There are many ways to use Netflix , without owning a television with an internet connection. In fact, many users of this platform do not own said television , but use other devices to see the series and movies they want.

Using External Devices.

The vast majority of Netflix users use the cell phone as a screen to use this platform, in this way they can watch their series from anywhere they are, without having access to the internet, in the same way it happens with tablets . It should be noted that using any of these devices, you cannot connect to any television, since cell phones and tablets do not have that function.

Connecting your computer with an HDMI cable

This is a practical and fast way to watch Netflix, without the need for a smart TV. You can use an HDMI cable , to connect your laptop or desktop computer, to connect it to your normal plasma TV.

Many of these televisions, which are LCD also have VGA image input, which gives you the ability to connect a computer that is a bit older. Similarly, some tablets have an HDMI connection output and you can connect the tablet to any plasma with an HDMI connection.

What external devices can you get to use Netflix on your TV?

Apart from laptops or desktop computers, you can use other devices to get Netflix on your TV or SmarTV . The first external device that we will mention to you are blue-ray players, which are devices designed to play videos.

These devices have the option of being able to connect them to the internet and link a Netflix account, it is very easy to connect it to a normal television, they come with HDMI video and audio quality, which is provided by the vast majority of flat TVs.

Other devices that can also be used to play Netflix are video game consoles, the consoles that can be used to synchronize the Netflix account are: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 PRO, PlayStation 5, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One and The Nintendo Wii U, all with the Netflix application available in the regions where the platform is available.

It should be noted that if the external device with which you want to use Netflix, it has an HDMI video output and the TV does not have this output, there are RCA / HDMI adapters , to be able to use any device, regardless of whether your TV does not have with said output. These adapters can be found in any electronic, physical or online store.

Now, there are other external devices, which you can connect to your TV as long as it is HD. These are known as external devices to connect to the internet, there are several brands such as Google Chromecast, Fire TV, Stick, Roku Stick or Roku Express, which will turn your normal HD television into a Smart TV, simply by connecting the device to the input HDMI from the TV.

Likewise, with these devices, you can download the Netflix App and view the content of your choice, you can also access your Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube accounts, simply by downloading the App on the external device.

How to watch Netflix on TV?

How to install Netflix on tv? The first thing you have to look at if you want to watch Netflix is ​​to check if your TV can be updated. Some models can install certain applications, so in the menu you will know if it is possible or not.

Taking into account that we are talking about a television that is not Smart TV, you may need to connect an additional device to watch Netflix . There are players, consoles, and set-top boxes that allow you to run Netflix. You can also use a smartphone, a tablet or even your computer, as long as the TV has an HDMI connector .

Depending on the type of device you are going to use, the Netflix installation may vary, although since it is such a common application, it will not be very difficult to find it in the application store. There are models that have it pre-installed, so it is likely that you already have Netflix on one of them.

Why can’t you use Netflix effectively on your TV?

Everything will depend on the TV you have. For example, if you have an old television, one of those that are wide, the only possible way to view Netflix from the television is with a Blue ray player, it should be noted that for this you must get an adapter from HDMI cable to URL cable , Since those old televisions do not have an HDMI or VGA input, they only have the URL inputs.

On the other hand, if you have a flat screen TV, either LED or LCD, you will have no problem connecting a laptop or PC to the TV , since these televisions have HDMI or VGA video input, if the laptop you want to use, It only has HDMI output and the TV only has VGA input, you just have to get an HDMI to VGA adapter and in this way you can connect any device that has HDMI output.

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