How to use your Fire TV or Chromecast to watch DTT in HD

From February 14, all DTT channels will be seen in HD. Although, many channels are already advancing the date so that high definition arrives sooner than expected and so that they do not have to wait until the deadline. The problem? You have to be ready to watch Digital Terrestrial Television in HD.

It’s time to forget about SD channels. After a long wait, the Spanish Government’s proposal to watch DTT in high definition will finally be fulfilled. Although, for this, you need to have a compatible television or tuner .

The good thing is that there is a third option that you can take advantage of if you have a Fire TV or Chromecast with Google TV at home. As? Very easy, we explain it to you.

Use apps or IPTV lists

How to use your Fire TV or Chromecast to watch DTT in HD

One of the main advantages of having one of these two devices at home, Chromecast with Google TV or Fire TV, is that they are not only used to watch streaming platforms. These allow you to use applications such as DTT Channels or even set IPTV lists so you can watch TV channels without problems. And all thanks to having an Internet connection, plus you will need to have a TV that supports HD and has an HDMI port.

For example, by using the TDTChannels app and using its IPTV list you will have access to countless channels without problems. In addition, its app has a simple and quite intuitive interface. It is available on both Google Play and Fire TV devices .

On this last device, it is not available natively in its store, but it can be installed using the APK file for Android. You have to access the Fire TV browser, enter the TDTChannels website, search for the Android version and download the APK. And all that remains is to add an IPTV list in which the television channels are included.

As an alternative, there is always the option of installing Kodi . A player in which you can add IPTV lists to watch DTT online . In addition to these two previous alternatives, there is also the option of trying Tivify, a platform that brings together all the Digital Terrestrial Television channels and premium options. Keep in mind that it has different plans, paid and free. So, depending on what you are looking for, the free service will work for you or you will have to opt for a premium plan.

Is my TV compatible with DTT in HD?

You must have an HD television, that is, one that is compatible with HD or high definition resolution. They have been on the market for at least several years now, with this image quality, and even now it is common to see 4K Smart TVs. In addition to the above, the tuner must support this transmission, so it must have these requirements: DVB-T and MPEG-4 .

If your case does not meet these prerequisites, you can always choose to buy an HD tuner or decoder with these features. It is even recommended that you have DVB-T2 to watch 4K channels, since it is the standard that RTVE will use for its UHD channels in Spain. However, you always have the option of using Fire TV or Chromecast devices with Google TV to continue watching your favorite channels.


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