How to record DTT programs with Tivify

Tivify is a platform that allows you to watch Spanish TV live, but it also has other advanced functions that the conventional DTT service does not offer, such as the possibility of watching the broadcasts of the last 7 days or recording any program, series or movie that we can not see live to see it later quietly.

What is Tivify and how does it work?

The Tivify service is available through apps for Android, iOS, Smart TV, Amazon devices and also through its official web player from the browser. It offers all DTT channels such as La1, La2, La Sexta, Tele5 and other general channels, as well as regional regional channels and some premium thematic channels.



Developer: TVUp Media Telecom SL

Price: Free


Tivify TV

Developer: TVUp Media Telecom SL

Price: Free

To access all the content we just have to register with an email and select a subscription plan. The most basic plan is the free one , which offers access to 80 live TV channels, the possibility of watching the programs of the last 7 days and programming the recording of broadcasts that we can store in the cloud (up to 60 hours of recordings) .

It should be noted that with the free plan the service is quite limited, and although it allows watching live TV over the internet, the recording of programs and the viewing of content already broadcast is only available for public televisions (La1, La2, channels regional such as ETB or Canal Sur, etc).

If we want to record a program of La Sexta to watch it later, for example, we will have to contract one of its paid subscriptions (“Plus” plan for € 4.99 / month or “Premium” plan for € 9.99 / month). This will also give us access to some extras, such as the platform’s premium thematic channels, more hours of recording in the cloud, the possibility of linking more devices and simultaneous views.

How to record a DTT program online to watch later

If you’ve never used Tivify to record TV shows that you can’t watch right now, here’s how to do it in just a few steps:

  • Enter register. Select the free plan if you don’t want to pay for any subscription.
  • Download the Tivify app for your mobile device or Smart TV. You can also access the web player from your PC’s browser.
  • Once inside the streaming platform, display the options menu that you will see on the left and select “Channels”.
  • This will open a new screen where we will see a list with all the available channels.
  • Locate the program you want to record and hover over the program card. If the program has not yet aired you will see a red button appear to record directly. You can also enter the program file and click on the “Record” button.
  • If it is a series or TV program that is broadcast periodically, the application will give us the option to record the episode or even to record the entire season automatically. Select the desired option.

From here the recording will be scheduled. If at any time you want to cancel the recording, simply go back to the program tab and select “Cancel recording”.

Once the broadcast date of the program has passed, we just have to go to the general menu of Tivify and enter “My recordings”. From here we can access all the recorded programs.

Of course, remember that there is a maximum limit of 60 hours of cloud storage for free accounts (Plus and Premium accounts have a capacity of 150 hours and 350 hours of recording respectively) and that the availability of recordings is 30 days (60 and 90 days for Plus and Premium accounts).


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