How can I watch DTT if I don’t have an antenna?

Long ago the television stopped being the only device where you can watch DTT channels. Now we play more multimedia content on the mobile, tablet or on the computer. This trend has encouraged us to watch television channels over the Internet without having an antenna.

Times change and the way television is consumed has undergone certain changes with the arrival of the Internet, the television services offered by operators and the streaming TV platforms Watching DTT channels without an antenna is easier than you can imagine. Today we can see almost 500 free channels over the Internet beyond DTT, and these are some methods to watch DTT without the need for an antenna.


Watching television is possible through the applications of all the channels, but it is more convenient to have them all unified in one place. This is precisely possible with Tivify, an application that allows us to watch all DTT channels for free and even make recordings or play content broadcast in recent days at no cost.

With Tivify we have the option of accessing more than 80 channels totally free and we also have the option of contracting one of their payment plans. In this case, both the free and paid plans include all DTT channels. Tivify allows us to watch DTT channels over the Internet without having an antenna, as well as being able to see them on devices such as a tablet or a computer. Among them are main channels such as La 1, La 2, Telecinco, Antena 3 and other secondary channels such as Teledeporte, Nova, Neox, Energy, 24h etc. Also regional or local channels such as Canal Sur, EITB or TV3.

Telephone operator platforms

Another option of being able to watch DTT channels without the need for an antenna is through the television platforms offered by the telephone companies. Large operators such as Movistar, Vofafone or Orange offer their own platform to view multimedia content.

Each operator tries to win new customers by offering different television packages that often include streaming services such as Netflix, HBO or Disney + or exclusive content such as sports competitions, series or movies. Although these platforms are paid and normally complement fiber and mobile rates, they all include DTT channels. If we have contracted services such as Orange TV, Movistar Plus or some of the Vodafone television packages, we can also access DTT channels without the need for an antenna.

Specific applications of each channel

As we anticipated previously, it is also possible to watch the DTT channels through the own applications that each channel has developed. Some of the most noteworthy are MiTele, ATresPlayer or RTVE à la carte. Living in Spain with these 3 applications we will have most of the Spanish DTT offer covered. In addition, if you want to watch regional channels such as EITB or Canal Sur, they also have their own applications to view the contents. It is enough to download the application on our device, register in some cases and start watching the desired content.

If we want to watch television over the Internet and we do not count as a Smart TV, we can also get a stick such as Amazon Fire TV or Chromecast Google TV. These devices will allow us to enjoy DTT channels on our television, in addition to being able to add streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Disney + or open source software such as Kodi that are designed to play multimedia content locally and in streaming.

Link websites

Finally, a way to watch all DTT channels for free and without having to have a fairly relevant antenna is through Diretele, a web page where all the links to all live Spanish DTT broadcasts are compiled. . A very intuitive website where we can access the broadcasts of each channel quickly and easily.

Through we can also access DTT channels completely free. A website that gives access to dozens of national and international DTT channels accompanied by programming guides on many of the available channels. It is enough to open the web and click on the channel that we want to see something that we can do through browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

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