How to Use the Respawn Catalyst in World of Warcraft

The release of Revival Catalyst in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight gives players who haven’t completed their class level pack yet an opportunity to catch up quickly. Much like the Creation Catalyst in Shadowlands, the Respawn Catalyst converts gear into level pieces, so players no longer need to rely on random drops from raids or the Great Vault for the bonus.

Revival Catalyst Dragonflight season 2 release date

The Respawn Catalyst from Season 1 closed when the new season began, meaning players had to rely on the Great Vault and the new tier item sets dropped from the Aberrus raid. Players who are unlucky will have to wait until June 13th for them to reopen. It will be June 14th for EU players.

How does the respawn catalyst work in World of Warcraft?

Using the Revival Catalyst is as easy as walking up to it, selecting a piece of gear, then inserting it into the machine to get a new piece. However, players will not be able to convert their entire armor set at once, as the machine will need to be charged.

The weekly quest to complete rewards players with a charge called Vitality Reborn . Vitality can be obtained by completing end-game activities such as Mythic+ Dungeons, Raids, PvP, and World Content.

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An item placed in a catalyst will retain the same item level when transmuted, so adding a 389 iLvl item will return a 389 iLvl item. If an item from PvP or Mythic+ can be upgraded, it will retain the same upgrade path. The same applies to gem items, so players don’t have to worry about losing anything.

The set bonus only applies to the chest, gloves, legs, helmets, and shoulders. The remaining pieces of equipment can be converted for cosmetic purposes, but they will not give the player any bonuses other than matching the appearance of the set.

Where to find a respawn catalyst in World of Warcraft

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The Rebirth Catalyst can be found in Taldrasuz, home of the capital city of Valdrakken in the Dragonflight expansion. Players must travel to the northern part of the Tyrhold, where they will find a catalyst inside a building containing Antuka, the NPC watching the machine. To get exact coordinates, players can go to 59.53, 53.71 on their map.

This was an area that the player could visit in the past, but the catalyst was not available as an option back then. Now that the Revival Catalyst is open, expect it to be a busy area as players from all over the expansion look to upgrade their gear to the level set.

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