Guide to Gus from Stardew Valley

There are many different villagers in Stardew Valley that you can interact with, many of which are villagers that you can romance with. Even villagers who cannot be romanced offer valuable friendships, gifts, and privileges. Where does Gus, the city’s loyal bartender, fit in? Find out below what to give Gus, who he is, the quests you can get from him, and everything else you need to know about Gus in Stardew Valley.

Who is Gus in Stardew Valley?

Gus is the local bartender/tavern owner at the Stardrop Saloon in Pelican City. He is especially known for his consistency, kind nature, and jovial demeanor. Aside from some random days and special events, Gus is mostly limited to the Stardrop Saloon.

Is there a romantic relationship with Gus in Stardew Valley?

Any players who particularly like Gus may want him to be a marriage candidate in Stardew Valley. Unfortunately this is not possible. Gus is not a romantic character in Stardew Valley. You can reach a high level of friendship with him, but never romance.

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Stardew Valley Gas Registration

All characters in Stardew Valley follow a schedule that will tell you exactly where they spend their time day in and day out. Some characters have unstable schedules, but Gus is mostly predictable . Any deviations in his schedule are mostly minor, except for a few cases.

Time Season/occasion Mood
from 8:00 to 12:00 Normal, rainy days In his back room in the saloon
8:30 — 11:00 Monday Pierre’s General Store
8:00 — 11:40 Alex 14-Heart Event on Sunday In his back room in the saloon
8:00 — 10:30 Autumn day 4 In his back room in the saloon
8:00 — 8:30 Tuesdays when the community center is fixed In his back room in the saloon
8:30 — 12:30 Tuesdays when the community center is fixed In the community center kitchen
10:30 — 16:00 Autumn day 4 In the clinic
12:00 — 00:00 Normal, Monday, rainy days, Alex 14-Heart Event on Sunday Bar service or glass washing at the Stardrop Saloon
12:30 — 00:00 Tuesdays when the community center is fixed Bar service or glass washing at the Stardrop Saloon
16:00 — 12:00 Autumn day 4 Bar service or glass washing at the Stardrop Saloon

Gus’ Gift Guide from Stardew Valley

There are many gift options from which to choose what to give Gus. But many of these options can work against you, so you have to choose your gifts for Gus carefully . Gifts are divided into “Loves”, “Like”, “Neutral”, “Dislike” and “Hates”.


When you give Gus a favorite gift, it will significantly increase your friendship points with him:

  • diamond
  • Snail
  • fish tacos
  • golden gourd
  • Magic stone candy
  • Orange
  • rabbit foot
  • Prismatic Shard
  • tropical curry


If you give Gus a gift he likes, he will moderately add to the friendship points you have for him:

  • All craft items (except butter and Void mayonnaise)
  • All cooking (except bread, scrambled eggs, strange bun and sea foam pudding)
  • All flowers (except poppy)
  • All collectable minerals (except quartz)
  • All gems (except for the Prismatic Shard, which I really like)
  • All fruits of the tree (except banana and mango)
  • All vegetables (except hops, tea leaves, wheat and unground rice)
  • Narcissus
  • Elixir of Life
  • Maple syrup
  • Pina colada


Neutral gifts given to Gus do not add to or decrease your friendship points for Gus:

  • All Eggs (Except Void Egg)
  • All milk
  • All non-wood fruits (except salmon)
  • Bread
  • chanterelle
  • Mollusk
  • common mushroom
  • coral
  • dandelion
  • duck feather
  • fried egg
  • Ginger
  • Hazelnut
  • Hops
  • leek
  • magma cap
  • Morel
  • Nautilus Shell
  • purple mushroom
  • rainbow shell
  • Caviar
  • squid ink
  • snow yam
  • Sweet precious berry
  • tea leaves
  • Truffle
  • Wheat
  • winter root
  • Wool

I do not like

If you give Gus an unloved gift, he will subtract a moderate amount of friendship points from his current amount:

  • All artifacts
  • All building materials
  • All bombs
  • All fences
  • All fertilizers
  • All fish
  • All geodes and minerals geodes
  • All seeds
  • All sprinklers
  • All tackle
  • All paths and created floors
  • salmon berry
  • wild horseradish


When you give Gus a hateful gift, a significant amount of friendship points will be removed:

  • All lures
  • All fossils
  • All monster loot (except solar essence and void essence)
  • All rubbish (except driftwood)
  • Finding artifacts
  • beetle steak
  • Carp
  • Copper ore
  • crab pot
  • dragon tooth
  • drum block
  • Energy Tonic
  • Error element
  • explosive ammunition
  • fairy dust
  • flute block
  • herbal starter
  • green algae
  • golden coconut
  • hay
  • Iron ore
  • Journal notes
  • Monster Musk
  • muscle remedy
  • garlic oil
  • Mak
  • Qi seasoning
  • Radioactive ingot and ore
  • Rain Totem
  • red mushroom
  • Line
  • Sea urchin
  • sea ​​foam pudding
  • Seaweed
  • Secret note
  • slime egg
  • Snail
  • strange bun
  • Sugar
  • Torch
  • Treasure chest
  • empty mayonnaise
  • Warp Totems
  • white algae
  • Cabbage salad
  • Holly
  • Quartz

Stardew Valley – Gus Hart Events

Heart events are events that occur after reaching a certain level of friendship/relationship with a person in Stardew Valley. There are four heartbreaks for Gus. that you will have the opportunity to experience. Two of them are mailed, and two more require you to go to the Saloon after reaching the required Heart level.

Heart level Reward/Event
three hearts salmon dinner recipe by mail
four hearts Get Pam to pay the bar tab (requires level 2 friendship with Pam)
five hearts Mini jukebox and recipe for mini jukebox
seven hearts mail order cranberry sauce recipe

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Gus Quests in Stardew Valley

While playing Stardew Valley, you will have several opportunities to help Gus by bringing him some items. You will receive money, friendship points and/or items in return . These quests will appear either on certain dates or at random times:

Quest Place/Date Award
Bring the Lobster to Gus Fall 6, year 2, letter in the mail 500 gold and +1 friendship heart
Bring the albacore to Gus Winter 26, Letter by mail 400 gold and +1 friendship heart
Bring the coconut to Gus Winter 19, year 2, letter in the mail 600 gold and +1 Friendship Heart
Bring the item to Gus Random, board at Pierre 3 times the cost of the item and +150 friendship points
Bring Gus 24 eggs. Random, Mayor’s Board-at-Large 3000 g and mini fridge

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