Fortnite: Use a cowboy – How to get and use it

This is what you must do to get and use the cowboy in Fortnite Battle Royale. Complete all the legendary missions of Week 6 with our guide.

Fortnite Battle Royale has changed its format when it comes to weekly missions and challenges . Now, we will have legendary missions every Wednesday , and epic missions on Thursday . As part of our guide to completing all the Legendary missions in Season 7: Invasion , we will show you how to complete “Use a Cowboy” , one of the Legendary missions from Week 6 .

  • Target:(0/1).
  • Reward:30,000 Season XP.

How to get and use a cowboy

To complete this legendary quest from Week 6, you need to collect, equip, and use a vaquizer . This is a recently added item, which will be added to your inventory like any item .


You’ll get it randomly from any loot source , just like the other items in the game. You will know that you have it without a doubt because it is placed on your back, even if you do not have it equipped .

Now, to use it , you just have to equip and use it. You will “transform” into a kind of inflatable cow-like balloon , and you can bounce to move faster until the effect wears, you stop it or take damage. The challenge or mission is completed as soon as you use the cowboy .

Remember that this is just one of the Legendary missions from Week 6 . This week we have other tricky missions, such as placing Prep supplies on Muttley Farm or placing decoy cows on farms .


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